Max and Ruth Tate will “Winter” in Spain in 2018!! We Share With You Their Final 2017 Tournament!!

The Tates, Ruth and Max

The Tates, Ruth and Max

FSA  CDP19 – Winter Haven – March 2 & 3, 2017 

A great finish to the 2016/2017 season. Knowing that this season may be our last for quite some time, our time was taken up with the sale of our Sebring home and a move to rental accommodation, thus our absence from several District tournaments.

Within the past week or so we both realized that we had another opportunity to participate in the season end District Masters. Going into the final tournament in Winter Haven, Max was sitting in eighth place and Ruth was tied with several others for eighth. In the subject event, Max drew Jim Greengrass and Ruth drew Glenda Brake. In the first match, Max and Jim won over Art Scott and Al Forry while Ruth and Glenda won over Jean Guy Allaire and Marvin Good. As fate would have it, we met each other in the second match and after three hard fought games which went down to the last disc Max & Jim won out in a “nail biter”. In the third match, Max & Jim faced Ruth Brown and Diane Bardsley. Ruth Brown has been Max’s nemesis for several years but Max & Jim’s luck prevailed  and they won in another three game match.  On Friday morning in the semi finals, Max & Jim faced Mike Seyfer and Doug Stockman, both of whom have played extremely well this winter. Surprisingly, Mike and Doug did not have their “A” games and the match was over after two. In the finals against the local favorites, Wanda Tipton & Jim Corbeil, Max & Jim could taste victory and ended the tournament with a big win.  Many thanks Jim (Greengrass) for your support and superb play.  Max moved up to 5th place and Ruth will playoff on Wednesday for the final position and Alternate in the ladies division.   

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 03 05.  Complete Results:

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