Heartland Senior Games Results; Avon Park 2017 03 07.

Neil Simpson; Heartland Games Ambassador

The message below by Neil Simpson was sent to all participants of the Senior Games held at Avon Park FL to-day, 2017 03 07.  Neil is the Heartland Games Ambassador.  Shuffleboard is just one of several activities Neil “takes care of”!  Other activities include: Indoor Volleyball, Golf, Bridge, Pickleball, Euchre and Swimming. He is “One Busy Man” and seems to enjoy every moment!!  He was ably assisted to-day by Tournament Director Max Tate and Court Manager Gary Sorko.

Neil Speaks:  Thanks for being a part of the Heartland Games today.

Thanks to Max Tate for coordinating again this year. Thanks to our host Gary Sorko and hostesses Nancy Sorko and Linda Vanisacker.

The Games are booked for Feb 6 (and 7 if necessary) at Reflections in 2018.

Gary Sorko will be the coordinator for 2018.

Results for singles and doubles are attached. Photos will follow within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to check out Stan McCormack’s blog  http://theshuffler.net 

Neil Simpson, Heartland Games Ambassador.  2017 03 07  To read the Results, click on the link; then click on SAVE, and then click on OPEN.  (Works great!)

2017 Shuffleboard Doubles Results      2017 Shuffleboard Singles Results

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