ISA Past President Comes to Avon Park to Shuffle!! ISA Past President Earns Gold!!

Michael Earns Gold in the Doubles, Bronze in the Singles!!

Michael Zellner, ISA Immediate Past President, added some Super Star Appeal to the just completed HEARTLAND GAMES for Active Adults. The event was held in Reflections on Silver Lake in Avon Park.    

Michael earned GOLD in his age group, (60 to 64) assisted by a much older friend in his 80s, that being the writer > Stanistheman.  Michael took BRONZE in the SINGLES.

Stan McCormack. 2017 03 07.

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6 Responses to ISA Past President Comes to Avon Park to Shuffle!! ISA Past President Earns Gold!!

  1. says:

    Wow!!!You are off and running now- way to go-Your shuffling friend, SHUFFLEBOARDBOB


    • Michael Zellner says:

      Thanks Bob. I merely put into practice all that you taught me in 1997. Twenty years later its starting to sink in. smile


  2. Earl Ball says:

    Congratulations! Well Done Michael and Stan. I hope this leads mo more tournament play.


    • Michael Zellner says:

      Thank you Earl. I’m only playing the game for rest and relaxation in non political situations for the time being.. I’ve come to realize there are so many kind hearted, energetic and loving folks playing this game in retirement communities and trailer parks and now I treasure being in the company of these appreciative folks. Unfortunately, the direction our ISA has been taking is in direct conflict with my beliefs. You and I made significant contributions to the best of our abilities and now its in their hands. Sometimes those who wander….are indeed lost!


  3. Michael Zellner says:

    Nothing made me prouder than to see longtime and dear friend Stan McCormack at the opposite end of the court for doubles. I am forever grateful that he accepted my invitation. We done good Stan…two up and two down as they faced us all morning long.


  4. Luiz Pimentel says:

    Congractulations my teacher Michael, the pioneer Shufller in Brazil. We are waiting for you here in July. We like your picture with Stan.


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