CBC Media Request: Why Not Make Your Position Know?? Do Not Delay! Do it To-day!!

CANADIANS: Please take this opportunity to have your voice heard!!   You will remember the recent posting with regard to a possible extension of “Time Allowed in the USA” >>  Go here to refresh your memory:  https://theshuffler.net/2017/03/07/more-on-the-extension-of-the-time-canadians-permitted-to-remain-in-the-usa-sent-along-by-gary-pipher/

Jenny Cowley of the CBC Marketplace and CBC News has sent along this e-mail:

Hi There,

I’m an associate producer with CBC News Network in Toronto, Canada. We are following the story today of a bill before congress that may allow snowbirds from Canada to stay in the Unites States for up to 8 months.
I know that your shuffleboard association hosts many Canadian snowbirds, and I’m wondering if you would be able to connect me with anyone who would be able to chat about this news.
I can be reached at 416 205 6389 or at this email. jenny.cowley@cbc.ca
Thank you,
Jenny Cowley
Stan Speaks:  As and option, may I suggest you leave your opinion in the Comments Section (below the article).   We will welcome American Opinions as well!!!
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2 Responses to CBC Media Request: Why Not Make Your Position Know?? Do Not Delay! Do it To-day!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    This would be a welcome change for many Canadian Snowbirds. We certainly contribute much to the American economy and to the communities in which we live. More than anything, it would allow the Snowbirds more flexibility in planning shorter vacations in addition to our winter hiatus in the South. We hope it is approved soon.


  2. Ken Wardley says:

    Thanks Stan for your note. I believe it would be a benefit to all Canadians to have this extension given to people over 55. Now, what we would have to do is make sure that each province agrees with this legislation so that it does not affect our Health care in Alberta or other Provinces.


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