John Brown Article # 20 of 2016-2017. 2017 03 08.

                                           DISTRICT MEETING REPORT

     Similar to the President’s Report on the State of the Union, our district, The Southwest Coast District meeting March 4 shows how we stand near the end of the season.  There are both successes and concerns.

     We elected Officers for 2017-2018.  President- Jerry Stannard, (Pic at top); 1st Vice President-Steve Slaughterbeck, 2nd Vice President-Kathy Laver, 3rd Vice President-Brad Thomas, Secretary-Paula Jacobson and Kay Lynn Duncan, Treasurer- Margaret Hartzler, Keeper of Records-Nancy Sclafani, State Delegate-John L. Brown, Alternate State Delegate-Open, Tournament Directors Representative-Dolores Brown, Publicity and Public Relations-Sue Daidone.  Persons wishing to be considered for Alternate State Delegate should call Jerry Stannard at (860) 961-3925.

     One concern is that a few clubs have failed to pay their annual dues.    Another concern is that average tournament attendance is off at about 17 per week.  Some of this is due to sickness, injury, and deaths of former regulars.  Another reason is that many players hate to wait around for long games to end.  Seventy-five point games can take a while to finish.  Only Florida and places influenced by Florida (North America east of the Mississippi longitude) ever played 75 point games.  The rest of the world plays frame games, such as 16 frames or 12 frames, for example.  Many of us love the 75 point game, but it can delay progress. League play is chosen by some, because leagues use frame games.

     On the positive side, about a dozen players move-up O ct. 1 to Pro from State Ams, and a similar number from District Am to State Am.

     Discussion was held on whether we could find another date to duplicate the popular and successful tournament just finished at Palmetto “Minimum One District Am on Every Team”, for the 2018-2019 District Schedule.  Also debated was the rule, Only Once in a Lifetime to play in District amateur Masters.  More discussion and possible change will next occur at our next meeting November 4 at Bradenton Shuffle Club at 1:00 p.m.  Sincere thanks to Past President Ron Nurnberger, First Lady Pam, and past Vice Presidents David Welsh and Jim Smith.  Happy Shuffling,


     FL P-22B Feb. 27 at Lee County, Mixed Doubles, 75 points.  1st Consolation: Mike and Joyce Marquis.

     SWCD D-19 March 2 at Palmetto, M/L Doubles, Minimum One District Am on Every Team, 16 frames or 75 points,  Ladies Main: 1. Pamela Carr-Pam Nurnberger, 2. Debra Williams-Barbara Young, 3. Siggy Gudzus-Jean Coward, 4. Evelyn White-Blanche Gervais.  Consolation: 1. Patty Howell-Leona Brock, 2. Arlene McCague-Marlene Simpson, 3. Marilyn Rotman-Marilyn Everett, 4. Adriana Cramton-Helen Lunsford.  Men Main: 1. Ed Leonard-Gary White, 2. Don Trottier-George Godson, 3. John Roberson-Dale Overzet, 4. Keith Petty-Jerry Bristol.  Consolation: 1. Peter Berg-Bill Hollabaugh, 2. Wolter Bootsma-Ken Mather, 3. David Welsh-Dan Coby, 4. Tom Putnam-Ken Maxwell.  Happy shuffling.


     March 9, SWCD D-20 at Trailer Estates, Open Mixed Doubles, 75 points.

      March 10, SWCD A-15 at Trailer Estates, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 16 frames/75 points.

     March 13, FL P-24A at Clearwater, P-24B at Avon Park, M/L Doubles, 75 points

                    FL A-22A at St. Cloud, Any Ams/any Dbls.; A-22B at Clearwater, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 pts.

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