Letter of Appreciation from Michael Zellner, Past President of the ISA, to Neil Simpson, Heartland Games Ambassador.

March 7th, 2017

From Michael R Zellner, ISA Past President. 

Dear Neil, 

I would like to take this special moment to once again express my sincere gratitude for being allowed to come to Reflections at Avon Park and compete with all of you today in the 2017 Heartland Games for Active Adults. I’ve been playing and competing for the past 21 years in shuffleboard tournaments all around the world and your event today was as good as it gets. I was honored to be among the kindest, sincerest and most fun loving group of seniors all day. There was not one disruptive incident and every aspect of both tournaments came off very professionally.  Kudos with a big pat on the back goes out to of course you Neil Simpson, and also Court Operations Chief Gary Sorko as well as Tournament Director Max Tate, and the Hostesses Nancy Sorko and Linda Vanisacker who gave untiring support to making this a truly memorable event. Last but not least, all of this was possible because of the meticulous efforts in planning and registration performed by Lauren Redick from South Florida State College.  

Well-done team! 


Michael R. Zellner

ISA Past President



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