CTL District of the FSA Holds a Novice Tournament at Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.

Pauline Murphy, Outgoing 4th VP of the Central District of FL

Stan Speaks: Pauline Murphy and the Central District of the FSA are to be congratulated for their efforts with regard to the just completed Novice Tournament at Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.  The response was not encouraging, but that should not deter the organizers or the District from examining the reasons for the less than desirable turnout, and make appropriate changes for 2018.

Pauline Murphy Speaks: Here are the results from the Novice Tournament held in Lakeland on March 8th, 2017.

                 1st           John Schlaffer
                 2nd           Kathy Rodney
                 3rd            Michial Schmitt
                 4th            Ken Rodney
                  1st           Robert Nix
                   2nd         Lynn Meeks
                   3rd         Jim Bauman
                   4th          Ginger Bauman

      Congratulations to all!

A special thanks to Lin Carey and Diana Morrison for their help and to Dan Noble, tournament director.

Stan Speaks: A Special Thanks to Pauline for her work in organizing and supporting this Novice Tournament.   2017 03 09.

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