In this fraternity  of shuffleboard there can be found many people who are  more than willing to help others.

A good example of this willingness to help was found to be so true when I was looking for oddball wooden clothespin springs with a left hand winding that I could use on some disc polishers I recently made .  To read the original article, the request, go here:

First I was so fortunate to have Stan McCormack post my plea for help on his ever popular shuffleboard blog , and although I have had several responses to his posting, they all turned out to be negative but it shows people were happy to help.

“That is all but one.”

A well known gentleman by the name of Roger Scott from Betmar Park in Zephyrhills came to my rescue. He took the time to correspond with me and told me of finding the 1 holy grail of clothespins .

Next question was how to get it to me: Stan made a great suggestion and then it all began to happen.  He suggested I contact Earl Ball who lives in the same park and Earl was so kind to pick up the clothespin and take it to the HOF Classic in Winterhaven and then give it to my Canadian neighbours  Lorraine and Bill Pollock to bring home with them after their spring vacation in Florida.

This all sounds so simple , but let me tell you if it was not for the posting on Stan’s blog and the kindness of the people of shuffleboard there is no doubt I would  still be looking for that elusive left hand spring clothespin .

Not only did Roger Scott of Betmar find one in his own clothes pin collection he was kind enough to search through his neighbors  collection. 

 Low and behold Roger sent me an email just this morning to say he had found 15 more in his neighbors clothespin bag. “Wow ” how lucky that was.

 If you should happen  to be in Betmar in the near future please do me another favor and pass on my sincere thanks  to Roger Scott for his kindness.

I have never met Roger but I understand he is an official block caller for tournaments held in Betmar.

From up here in snow country.

Gary Pipher, ON (Thanks so much Gary for the great article.)   2017 03 16.

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2 Responses to In this fraternity  of shuffleboard there can be found many people who are  more than willing to help others.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    We are so pleased that Roger was able to “come to your rescue” Gary. We looked at ours and a couple of neighbours, none of whom had the illusive leftie!! If you want to learn more about our wonderful Roger, you can check out Chuck Moulton’s website where he recently did an article on Roger.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Glenna: Thank You. Gary too shared the article on Chuck’s Site. Had I known BEFORE I published Gary’s article, I would have provided a link to Chuck’s FINE article. Stan


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