John Brown Article # 21 of 2016-2017. 2017 03 16.


     At the Florida Shuffleboard Association Open Spring Meeting Saturday, March 11, spirited discussion was raised about future plans to advance shuffleboard.  Concern was expressed over how to keep the sport we love strong and healthy.  Our own District suffered an average reduced enrollment of 17 players per week compared with last season.  Among opinions  shared were these:

.     We need more amateurs.  Maybe some avoid competition because they do not want to move up toward Pro status.  This could be because their League refuses to allow Pros, or because they doubt their ability to compete at that level.

     Some members felt that amateurs might develop better if they could play more tournaments which would not confer move-up points.  The West Coast only has 8 Amateur tournaments per season which confer move-up points, and amateurs attend and play their hearts out, anyway. (Our own non-sanctioned Black Friday adventure drew participants who knew no points would be forthcoming.) Some believe amateurs playing in sparsely attended Amateur tournaments are moving up prematurely.  These believers suppose that move-up points should be earned at State Tournaments for Amateurs or by playing in Open Tournaments.  Four Annual State Tournaments for Amateurs are held in the Southwest Coast District each season.

     No vote was to be taken before October at the Fall Open Meeting at Sebring October 14.  Readers’ views would be welcomed.  Locals with the vote at FSA include Southwest Coast District President Jerry Stannard  (860) 961-3913, State Delegate John L. Brown (941) 756-8548, and Florida 1st Vice President Dave Kudro at (330) 417-3618.

.       The published FSA Schedule has one change.  FL A-01 at Clearwater will be played on Oct. 16-18 rather than Oct. 23-25.  This change allows the tournament to be held at Clearwater the same date as FL P-03A.  This will help Clearwater to not have to open on Oct. 23-25, saving them time and effort.  It admittedly results in the anomaly of one week with no FL Amateur Tournament one week after the opening one.  This will be a gift to Clearwater – we owe them one as they bravely let Sebring test their venue for one year of the Tournament of Champions in March, 2018.

.      Unrelated to the above mentions, this Friday, March 17, 2017 at Bradenton Shuffle Club is the Hoss Collar at 9:00, bring your own lunch, cake furnished, and Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame Induction for several new members.  Some inductees are famous from the past and it should be interesting.

Happy Shuffling


     FL P-23A , March 6 at Ft. Pierce. Ladies Main: 2. Pam Nurnberger, Men’s Main: 2. Ron Nurnberger.

     FL P-23B,  March 6 at Betmar.  Men’s Consolation: 3. Mike Marquis-Bill Batdorff.

     SWCD D-20, March 9 at Trailer Estates, Open Mixed Doubles, 75 points.  Main: 1. Lois Wegner-Ralph Lozano, 2 Ron and Pam Nurnberger, 3. Tom and Cheryl Putnam, 4. Mike and Joyce Marquis.  Consolation: 1. Heather and George Godson, 2. Ione Fowler-Bob Grissom, 3. Dave and Sue Minnich, 4. Marie Hunter-J.R. Rathburn.

     SWCD A-15, March 10 at Trailer Estates, Any Amateur/Any Doubles, 75 points.  Main: 1. Jim Lessard-Tony Souza, 2. Patrick Antaya-Terry McNamara, 3. Charles Stannard-Dale Overzet, 4. Janice O-Sullivan-Helen Lunsford.  Consolation: 1. Terry Schwebke-Ed Chapman, 2. Shirley Pendergrass-Elaine Antaya, 3. Rick Hall-Cheri Wargo, 4. Barbara Young-Norm Mead.


     March 20, FL P-25 at Lakeland, Open M/L Doubles, 75 points.  No lunch.

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