CTL District Concludes Day 1 of their End of Season “Reiny” State Am District Masters!!

In the REINY (District Am Ladies) Ruth Stewart is leading!!  Here is the chart as of the end of play on Day 1:  (Click on pic to expand) Ruth is in 1st with Cindy (Shidler) in a close 2nd.  To-day, Friday, should see some very competitive matches.  Reiny taking place at the Sebring Shuffleboard Club!!  Trophies will be presented this afternoon.

In the REINY (District Am Men) Gary Sorko is leading the pack!!!  Gary has 5 wins and one loss.  Question is: Will he be able to maintain that lead at the end of Day 2, Friday, March 17th?  We’re heading to Sebring to “see” > why don’t you?? 333 Pomegranate Ave.

Pauline Murphy leads the State Am Women. Bruce Armstrong and Roy Briegel lead the State Am Men.  Roy is sporting the sun glasses.

At the end of Day 1 for the Pro Ladies, Lynn Shick held the lead with 5 Wins.  Dean Myklejord and Doug Stockman were tied in the Pro Men Competition.

I will have complete results of the CTL REINY, STATE AM, AND PRO MASTERS this evening.  2017 03 17.  Stan McCormack.  2017 03 17

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