Reiny CTL District Amateur Women; We give you the RESULTS! 2017 03 18

Reiny Top 8; (Di Am. Women) L. to R. Brenda Dawson, Ann Davies, Nancy Foley, Ellie Crowell, Gerdien Dykman, Temoke Bramesburger; Back Row, L to R In 1st place, Ruth Stewart; in 2nd place, Lucinda Shidler.  Pic by Stan McCormack.  2017 03 17 at Sebring, FL 

Accepting the 1st Place Reiny Trophy from Sebring Incoming President Harold Comeau is Ruth Stewart.  Pic by Stan McCormack. 2017 03 17. 

To read more about Ruth Stewart: Di Am Ruth Steward UP .  To read more about Brenda and Ron Dawson: Di Ams Dawson, Ron and Brenda . To read more about Ann Davies: Di Am Ann Balson Davies .

If you wish, you may copy the pix above. right click on the pic and select the appropriate option.  Not everyone is receiving  this BLOG; accordingly, you may wish to send others the link to this article.  Stan McCormack, 2017 03 18 06:20

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