John Brown Article # 22 of 2016-2017. 2017 03 22.

Paul Knepper Into the SWC Hall of Fame.


SWC President Jerry Stannard.


     Eleven players were inducted into the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame Friday, March 17 at Bradenton Shuffle Club.  District President Jerry Stannard first honored Paul Knepper as “Captain of The Good Ship Bradenton Shuffle Club”, for his many devoted years of leadership at our largest venue and host club, scene of many large tournaments.  Paul is also a very productive player and good friend of many.  Well done, well deserved.

     Betty Downing  was inducted in absentia for her ultra-long career as head tournament director over a period of 25 years.  Mrs. Downing resides in Michigan in retirement.

     Ann Hersom was inducted posthumously for long years as stellar player, officer at District and State levels, and long-time resident of Golf Lakes.  She and Ed retired to California over a decade ago after many years of service.

     Erika and Peter Berg of Ontario and Imperial Lakes both were inducted.  Both are still strong players and have served as helpers so many ways.  Peter is our webmaster and photographer and promotes the sport as well as anybody.

     Larry Taylor, now of Golf Lakes, was inducted as a player who has risen to frequent winner and well respected after a shorter career previously as “equipment manager” for his famous wife, Judy, already a member in her own right.

     Lois Wegner of Wisconsin and Tri-Par, has become a top winner also.  She and her late husband Al have not only played lots of tournaments, but also occasionally admitted to being partial to the Green Bay Packers.  Lois also placed first in our last District Tournament of this season.

     Ron Nurnberger was inducted as Past President of the Southwest Coast District, and is also a top player at State and District levels.  He and Pam, first lady the past three years, can now relax with well-deserved reduced pressure as executive leaders.  Both retired from Michigan and spent many years at Seabreeze in West Bradenton.

     Anna Nuttal, player and past District Keeper of Records hails from Massachusetts and Ridgewood.  She also served as first lady of the District when Al was President for three years, finishing in that role about six years ago.

     Dona and the late Earl Dunn, of Michigan and Sugar Creek, were faithful players and contributors to the District for a couple of decades.  Dona was a tournament director and Earl spent many years helping maintain the Bradenton Courts.  My frequent partner, Earl showed me the most efficient route to negotiate traffic on the way to Clearwater.  We all miss the Dunns.  Dona continues on the farm near Battle Creek.

    Potential roster of players eligible to play in the District Masters at Palmetto March 22-25 are the following: District Amateur Ladies: Sandra Kolasinski, Marilyn Rotman, Harriet Piccard, and Elaine Antaya; Amateur Men: Jim  Lessard, Frank Marderosian, Dave Evenson, Ken Mather, John Hechinger, Tony Souza, Cau Huynh and Patrick Antaya.  State Amateur Men are: Steve Slaughterbeck, Arnie Congdon, Jim Clark, Rick Hall, Phil Krick, Ned Fogarty, Brad Thomas, and Terry McNamara with Adam Letz as Alternate.  State Amateur Ladies are Cindy Slaughterbeck, Cheryl Putnam, Sharon Hoyt, Kathy Laver, Connie Crawford and Kay Lynn Duncan. In the Pro Masters: Ron Nurnberger, Larry Taylor, Mike Marquis, Jim Miller, Ed Leonard, Tom Putnam, Lowell Williams, Phil Booher and Alternate John Roberson; Ladies Masters: Pam Nurnberger, Heather Godson, Arlene McCague, Lois Wegner, Pat Tomko, Bonnie Walker, Evelyn White and Adriana Cramton with Linda Wallingford as Alternate.

     Palmetto welcomes spectators to their covered grandstands this week.  No lunch will be served.  More about the Masters players next week.  Happy Shuffling.


    FL P-24A March 13 at Clearwater, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger-Joyce Marquis, 3. Terri Smith.  Consolation: 2. Debra Williams.  Men Main: 4. Jerry Stannard-Ron Nurnberger, Consolation: 1. Dave Kudro-Dave Minnich

     FL A-22A March 13 at Clearwater, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 75 points.  Consolation: 3. Gilles Emard-Brad Thomas, 4. Ned Fogarty-Frank Marderosian.


    March 22-25 at Palmetto, Southwest Coast District Masters: Dist. Ams, M/L, State Ams, M/L, Pro, M/L.  12 frames, 21 games in 3 ½ days.

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4 Responses to John Brown Article # 22 of 2016-2017. 2017 03 22.

  1. al dronsfield says:

    I see you have acknowledged the induction of 11 people in the SWC district for their induction into the district HOF. I didn’t see their pictures either.I awhile back had passed on to you that Sue McLaughlin and I are both being inducted on Friday into the Northern District HOF. You replied in respect to Sue you didn’t have a picture of her. Personally,  I will live with or without the recognition, however to all fairness to all in this game recognition should be equally recognized for their achievements in this game not just a chosen very few.Great seeing you on Monday. Allen Dronsfield.


    • I will have to agree with Al. I have been reading this blog for a short while and never do I see mention of the Northern District. We are all members of the FSA, but not all are covered VISIT my blog at:

      See you at the Master’s tomorrow!!

      Dave Martin


      • stanistheman says:

        Thanks for your comment. I can only give coverage to a Shuffleboard Item IF I AM MADE AWARE OF SAME!
        Each time Lorraine Layton sends me material, I post. Incidentally, I did check your BLOG, and see nothing but fish.
        Stan McCormack. 2017 03 22.


    • stanistheman says:

      Thank You Allen. First let me say that I am “working” on getting a pic of Sue. Second; you do realize that the article to which you refer, is a weekly (newspaper) article by John Brown. John shares it on the BLOG for greater coverage. Not only would I be willing to do a similar thing for the Northern District, I WOULD LIKE TO!! All the best. Stan


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