The FSA State Masters Begins April 3rd at Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL


The event begins April 3rd at Spanish Lakes Fort Pierce Florida 

Female Competitors 2017 Masters 

1. Terri Smith           63 points

2. Dianna Allen       59 points                                   

3. Glenda Brake      48 points

4. Pam Nurnberger  40 points

5. Joan Cook           31 points

6. Alice Enos           31 points

7. Sharon Upson     29 points

8. Joyce Smith        25 points 

I now give you an overview by FSA 1st Vice-President and Masters competitor, Dave Kudro 

Masters 2017 Ladies; Analysis by Dave Kudro.

Looking at this year’s field of very talented Ladies, I see a great mixture and diversity of seasoned and newer players. I believe the Ladies could be even more interesting to watch than the men. Well let’s start at the top.

Terri Smith, Terri finished in the top spot this year in points and was last year’s Masters Champion. Winning a Masters Championship is tough but repeating that achievement is even tougher. Terri has a great attitude win or lose and will play to the best of her ability to try and win for a second time.

Dianna Allen, Dianna is equally talented as Terri. Dianna is a 2015 FSA Hall of Fame inductee and Dianna has played in every Masters since 2010. Dianna did tie for 2nd in 2012, and finished 2nd place in 2014, 2015 and 2016 Masters After so many impressive consecutive years playing in the Masters, and her numerous 2nd place finishes, could this be the year?  It wouldn’t surprise me to see Dianna holding the trophy on the April 6th Masters Banquet.

Glenda Brake, When you think of a great steady shooter, Glenda comes to mind. Glenda is surrounded by many talented ladies from Zephyrhills and has learned a lot from the talented Men and Ladies pool of shuffle knowledge. Glenda, being Canadian arrives late and always manages to be in the top eight. This will be Glenda’s third consecutive Masters. Look for Glenda to be there at the end and based on ability she too has a chance at the Masters Championship

Pam Nurnberger, Pam earned her coveted White Masters Jacket in 2015 and this will be Pam’s third consecutive trip to the Masters. I like watching Pam play. She has great fundamental skills and can play with the best of them. Great clearing and smooth stroke to make that hammer shot, The only constructive advice I can give Pam is to be confident in her shot selection and take that shot that could change the scope of the game. If Pam is aggressive and confident in the true ability she has, that will take her to the next level and she could win the Masters Championship.

Joan Cook, This is where earlier I eluded to that the Ladies could be more interesting than the men and have a great diversified field. Hardly a shuffler does not know who Joan is. What a career Joan has had. Joan was presented the prestigious green jacket as the only woman shuffler to achieve over 1,000 points in the FSA.  Yes, that is NOT a typo. To be precise, 1,049 life time points. Oh, it doesn’t stop there, Joan and her husband Dick donated the Ladies Masters Championship trophy which in 2003 Joan was co-champion. I have to add that Earl Ball donated the Men’s trophy that year and was also co-champion. Enough of Earl and back to Joan. Joan was the outright Masters Champion in 2006.Does Joan have the ability again to be the 2017 Masters Champion?  I definitely say “yes”. Just ask the many lady shufflers that hold their breath to see if Joan either stops at their court, or luckily passes by to a neighboring court. You can almost hear and feel the sigh of relief as she passes. With Joan in the tournament, there will be some exciting and fascinating games to watch.

Sharon Upson Sharon will experience her second consecutive Masters. Sharon comes off a banner year last year making the Masters and then being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year at Hawthorne. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Cool Hand Luke” Sharon reminds me of the Paul Newman character Lucas “Luke” Jackson. Sharon is always cool, calm and collected in adversity. Because of Sharon’s tenacity, she has earned the respect and draws attention to all shufflers that don’t take that great virtue as a weakness as if you do, Sharon will beat you! Sharon could be like the tortoise and hare and like the tortoise, slow and steady will win the race. Yes, Sharon does have what it takes to be Masters Champion.

Alice Enos, This will be Alice’s’ first trip to the Masters and will be presented with the prestigious White Masters Jacket at the closing banquet. Alice worked hard to achieve enough points to earn her a spot in the Masters. One might look at Alice as an easy target as this is her first Masters and she will be nervous and intimidated. To that, if that is what you are thinking, you are SO wrong. Even though Alice is quiet and this is her first masters, did you know she won the 2015 Tournament of Champions and the last International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) world singles? It doesn’t get much bigger than that playing in front of people from all over the world. So, in short, Alice could be one to possibly win or be a spoiler to those who take her lightly.

Joyce Smith, This like Alice, will be Joyce’s’ first FSA Masters. Joyce too will be presented with the prestigious White Masters Jacket at the closing banquet. I have seen Joyce improve significantly the last couple of years here in Florida and during the summer at Lakeside Ohio. If Joyce hangs in there, I expect her to win games that some might think she won’t win. One thing I know is true in shuffleboard is that when you reach this level, on any given day we all can be beat.  

This will be a great competition this year in the Ladies division and I believe more interesting play than the men. I just have to remember I too am a player and keep my focus on my play rather than the temptation to watch the Ladies. I sometimes think it would be nice not to play and just watch the Ladies matches. Nah! Who am I kidding! So with that final thought, do consider coming out to support these fine Lady shufflers and see the talent that will make for some interesting matches and exciting finishes. 

Dave Kudro

Masters Player and 1st Vice-President FSA

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3 Responses to The FSA State Masters Begins April 3rd at Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Dave Kudo you wrote a lovely write-up on all of these great gals.! Thank You For That !
    Best of luck to all of you talented ladies !


  2. Patti Walston says:

    My father Don Walston was in your club when he was alive. We have all his old trophies, we are wondering if the club would like to have them, otherwise we will have to throw them out.


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