The FSA State Masters Begins April 3rd at Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL


The event begins April 3rd at Spanish Lakes Fort Pierce Florida 

Male Competitors 2017 Masters 

1. Earl Ball              79 points

2. Jim Miller             52 points

3. Dave Kudro         51 points

4. Al Dronsfield        43 points

5. Dean Myklejord   43 points

6. Ron Nurnberger   41 points

7. Mike Seyfer         41 points

8. Ray Buck            37 points


Ken Offenther          35 points 

I now give you an overview by FSA 1st Vice-President and competitor for the 5th consecutive masters, Dave Kudro. 

Masters 2017 Men; Analysis by Dave Kudro 

As in past years, the Men’s State Masters Field is very talented and all shufflers are confident in their shuffle skills and very capable to win the coveted championship trophy. Will it be past champions looking for a repeat? Earl Ball 2003 and 2009 co-champion and 2015 Champion as well as 2008 champion Jim Miller. These two tried and true champions know how to handle the pressure. Both, when an opportunity arises, jumps on an opponents miscue, and capitalizes with skillful precision of a surgeon to make that game changing surge. If you get a chance to watch Earl and Jim, you’ll see that patience like a lion laying low in the tall grass just waiting for that chance to leap. Before you know it, they have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That could be why the 10 off is named the kitchen.

Now lets look at the next two shufflers, Dave Kudro and Al Dronsfield. Here you have the two shufflers who know how to achieve the championship and can play with strength or finesse. Al and Dave are unlike Kings of the jungles Earl and Jim, and are like young lions trying to take over the pride. They keep pressure pestering Earl and Jim and both Earl and Jim know they have been in a battle.  Al and Dave, win some battles, but not the war. As in the circle of life, Hakuma Matata, meaning “No Worries” as their time will come with all the experience they gain shuffling. Now let’s look at Ron Nurberger, Mike Seyfer and Ray Buck. Mike, Ron and Ray are quiet and methodical in their play and they all are strategists. This is the second time Ron, Mike and Ray will be playing in the Masters. Ray was also an Alternate/Player in 2012 Masters. All three play a conservative game using their brain and great fundamental skills to their advantage to win. Ron, Mike and Ray are patient lions grazing in the field of knowledge and can keep up with the herd.  Yes they have the talent to play at this high level and can rightfully win the championship. Now I get to the young lion cub and 1st timer to the Masters, Dean Myklejord. As in a young cub, Dean is still learning who he is and what style of play he finds is best for him. I’ve personally seen these changes in Dean as he has gone from a banger to a softer skill shot player. These changes have paid dividends to Dean as he made great strides in the last half of the year to earn his rightful spot in this years Masters and be presented with the prestigious White Masters Jacket at the closing ceremonies on April 6th, 2017. Last but not least is Alternate Ken Offenther playing in 2010,2012,2013,2015 and 2016 Masters. Ken was in a real battle with Ray Buck for that last coveted spot for the Masters falling just 2 points shy. As you can see Ken definitely has the talent and ability having great experience playing in the Masters. Ken has worked very hard and puts himself in a position to one day be the Florida State Masters Champion, however, this year as an alternate he may or may not have that chance. 

Well there you have it. While the Lion Sleeps Tonight and the rest of the week. On Monday April 6th at Spanish Lakes the jungle will come alive with each male player seeking his position in the shuffleboard Masters Hierarchy as the Alpha Male. I can assure you all who venture out to attend will see shuffleboard at its best. 

Dave Kudro.  2017 03 30. 

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1 Response to The FSA State Masters Begins April 3rd at Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Once again congratulations for such a worthy report on the skills of all of these gentlemen and I love the comparison. The best of luck to all !


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