From the Archives of The Shuffler: In Memory of Chuck Stansburge. Chuck lived at Spanish Lakes; the 2017 Masters Will be at Spanish Lakes.

Chuck Stansburge moved to FL in December of 1999 taking up residence in Spanish Lakes Fairways.  Spanish Lakes Fairways is a very active community with its own Golf Course, Tennis courts, Softball field, Horseshoe. Bocce, Shuffleboard Courts, Pool tables and many other activities to keep any retiree busy.  All of 2000 and half of 2001, he played all the above with the exception of Tennis and Shuffleboard.

In October of 2001 Chuck joined the “Tuesday Morning Shuffleboard League” with the expectation of shuffling with wife Sandy.  Chuck has been quoted as saying: “we played every Tuesday morning and we lost every match but one (1)!!!”

In January of 2002, Chuck’s community hosted a District Singles Tournament in which he participated and finished 2nd!!  This qualified Chuck to play in the District’s “Medalists” tournament at Fort Pierce.  He got knocked into Consolation and was so upset with himself that he was ready to quit!!  Rather than quit, he threw caution to the wind and won the consolation event >> and the Medal!!   That 1st Medal remained among the most cherished and each time he experienced a bad day, he recalled the feeling he had when he won the Medal!! 

Chuck became a regular competitor in the Masters and has never lost sight that the game is to be fun.  He was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2009.  I give you a small but significant portion of his remarks at his Induction into the FSA HOF.  “Early that season I jumped into a State Tournament and was quickly knocked out by Glen Peltier and Jacques Bergeron.  I knew then that in order to play with these guys I had to practice more, and I did.  From that day forward I played or practiced every single day until the next State tournament which was held in Trailer Haven.  I finished 2nd to Mike Vassalotti and George Shaver and became eligible for instant Pro which I opted to take the following October.  I went on to win the Amateur Masters that year, most Points and the Medalist. I truly was smitten by the Game. I’ve never lost sight that the game is to be fun and I still play it that way although I am considered to be intense during play.  Every year since, I have earned enough points to make the State Masters and the day I don’t, I will not play in the masters just because another decides to Not Play.   I caught the Fever of Shuffleboard in those early years and now to be inducted into The Hall Of Fame is clearly an Honor I had only dreamt of.”

Chuck left us at 06:30 on September 4th, 2011.  He will be missed by all Florida Shufflers.

Content taken from the Archives of The Shuffler 2011 09 05.  Article put together by Stan McC. on 2017 03 31.

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