Sea Breeze South celebrates spring with shuffleboard . Sent along by Bob Weber!! 2017 03 31.

Joe Mazzoni and Nancy Forest, the second place team and Rodger Robare and Janet Gorman, the winners. (Photo: Marcy Terrell/Special to the Eagle

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon March 22, the residents of Seabreeze South sat mesmerized as the two finalist teams duked it out for the championship.

It began as a normal game, but as the teams neared the desired point for a win, it was touch and go, back and forth, sometimes only getting one point would win the game, only to have that team go into a minus 10 instead and the other team inch closer to their lead; adding to the frustration of the players, and the amazement of the spectators.

After what seemed like the longest game in history, the winning team finally reached its goal. Rodger Robare and Janet Gorman became the new champions with Nancy Forest and Joe Mazzoni the runners-up.

It all started at 9:30 a.m. when 20 women and 20 men making up 10 games began the competition. As teams were eliminated and other teams made it into the next round, the morning progressed. At noon with four teams left in the competition, it was decided to break for lunch. A delicious buffet was prepared with hamburgers, potato salad and all the fixings. Sally Doyle headed the group of ladies that put the buffet together, and made sure everyone got as much as they wanted. Our expert chef, Joe Mazzoni cooked the hamburgers on the grill, adding cheese to most of them, just the way people wanted them.

Then promptly at one the two games started with Caroline Price and Willie VanJaarsveld playing Nancy Forest and Joe Mazzoni, and Janet Gorman and Rodger Robare playing Giulia Chiattini and Fred Koeck. The victors were Rodger Robare and Janet Gorman. Trophies were presented to the champs and to the second team. Ice cream and cake was served to everyone in the crowd, marking a fitting end to another perfect day on Marco Island.

Caroline Price and Jack Sullivan, organizers of the event, wish to thank all the people who so willingly helped with scorekeeping, judging, puck waxing, preparing food for the buffet and, of course, the cleanup.

Sent along by Bob Weber.  Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 03 31.

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