Linda Rebholz Tells Us A Little About the Host of the Masters!!

A bit of clarification–there are about five Spanish Lakes communities in St. Lucie County and the Fort Pierce area. As you know, the Florida State Masters for 2017 is being held at SPANISH LAKES COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE, located off Kings Highway in Fort Pierce.
To our knowledge, this is only the second Masters to be held in the Central East Coast District. In 2010, the Vero Beach Shuffleboard Club hosted the Masters. Jeannie Andrews, Barbara Filamone and the club did a fantastic job. For some reason, a lot of players do not enjoy coming to the East coast of Florida. 1st Vice President, Phil Rebholz, had difficulty finding eight women who would play. On the late Sunday evening, Ellen Hensley agreed to be the Alternate.
George Shaver was the Director and on the second day, he had a motorcycle accident. That did not stop George, he showed up with bruises and abrasions but he continued!!
That was also the first time, Stan McCormack asked me to “report” on an event. Glenna Earle was there and she took pictures. Together, we kept everyone informed of the event and we had a “blast”.
FSA Central East Coast District and the Spanish Lakes County Club Village are hoping this Masters will be an enjoyable event for everyone. Although we are novices, we will give it our best.
Linda Rebholz,
Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club member of CECD
FSA Secretary
Stan Speaks: Thank You so much Linda!!  I am sure Readers Appreciate Your Reporting.  2017 04 02.
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