We Look Back to the 2010 Masters, held at Vero Beach!! Linda Rebholz, Chair of the 2017 FSA Masters, began her fine reporting in 2010!!

FINAL DAY OF THE FSA MASTERS AT VERO BEACH FL: final day of the 2010 Masters, that is!!!!!

The big day has arrived!! There is anticipation and excitement in the air as we wait to see who triumphs as male and female champions.  The weather has been kind to us all week with bright skies and  breezes. 

The nail biter this morning was the match between Judy Taylor and Jeannie Andrews.  This match would determine a winner or a 3 place tie.  Judy won 2 as Jeannie seemed to struggle on court 9.   The score got to 67 for Judy and 72 for Jeannie.  As her mom looked on, Jeannie scored her hammer for the win, to applause from her Vero friends. 

Sheri Weese ended the week having 9 straight wins.  She tied for 2nd place with Wendy Griffin, a first time masters player.  Landy Adkins who played well ,although she was in pain,  tied for 4th place with Judy Taylor. 

The quest for 1st place between Chuck Stansburge with 16 and Ken Offenther with 15,  could have gone either way but Chuck won all 3 games.  

The sidelines were packed with spectators today.  Fellow shufflers from the Southern District; Central District; northern Central East Coast District and Northern District, including Stan Williamson, came out to cheer on their friends. Jerry Stannard also brought along his 96 year old father, Gib. 

The banquet began a little after noon. The food was catered and was delicious.  We were all full by the time Phil Rebholz opened the presentations.  On a personal note, my husband is a quiet man and not a bit comfortable in the spotlight.  He gets very nervous but everyone laughed with him when he had his “senior moments”.  He introduced Earl Ball, president of ISA and the shufflers who will be traveling to Germany for the International Tournament. Our own, Jeannie Andrews will be one of those.   He recognized Landy Adkins, 3rd VP of FSA. He also thanked  everyone for their hard work and a successful Masters.  Phil presented jackets to first time players; Ken Offenther, David Earle, Larry Taylor, Wendy Griffin, Judy Ross, Diana Allen and Linda Marshman. 

Having this Masters in my own backyard was very special. I love to visit with people.  Sharing with my shuffler friends their joys and anxieties are memories that I will cherish.  

May everyone have a safe trip to their homes and a very restful summer. 

Linda Rebholz, reporter 


Men –Chuck Stansburge   19                         Women–Jeannie Andrews               15             

            Ken Offenther        15                                       Sheri Weese                       14

            Earl Ball                 12                                       Wendy Griffin                   14

             Jim Miller             10                                      Judy  Taylor                       11

             Henry Strong        9                                         Landy Adkins                    11

              David Earle          8                                         Judy Ross                           9

              Jerry Stannard     7                                         Dianna Allen                      6

              Larry Taylor        4

From the Shuffler:  Thanks to Linda Rebholz for some great reporting!!  It is appreciated by all Shufflers. 

Stan and Alf.  2010-04-08.       (TAKE NOTE SHUFFLERS, THIS IS LINDA’S EXCELLENT REPORT FROM 2010!!  She is NOW, IN 2017, CHAIRING THE MASTERS ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE!!                       

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