We Give You The Monday Report 2 by Linda Rebholz, Event Chairperson. 2017 Masters at Spanish Lakes.

From Left to Right: Back Row: Allie Enos; Joan Cook; Sharon Upson; Joyce Smith.  Front Row, L to R. Terri Smith; Dianna Allen; Glenda Brake and Pam Nurnberger.


L to R. Back Row: Dean Myklejord; Ron Nurnberger; Mike Seyfer; Ray Buck; Ken Offenther, alt.;   Front Row:  L to R Earl Ball; Jim Miller; Dave Kudro; Allen Dronsfield.

We will compliment Linda’s report by including Team Pix. (Pix taken from FaceBook)

AND NOW, Linda Rebholz’s Report: 

“Monday dawned with high humidity & a threat of rain. Players started arriving early at Spanish Lakes Country Club Village, a nice manufactured home park. Coffee, donuts, and opening ceremony were held in the auditorium of their clubhouse.  

Linda Rebholz congratulated the players competing in this Masters. She introduced the FSA Executive Board I don’t remember a time when all members were present at the Masters but the show of support was encouraging. Welcome remarks were made by Richard Hegedorn, president of the SLCCV Shuffleboard Club, Richard Anderson., president of Central East Coast District & Landy Adkins, FSA President. 

The shuffleboard courts are located on a lake, and by the swimming pool. Residents were playing tennis on the courts also adjacent to the courts so we had spectators pausing to watch shuffleboard. 

We were blessed with volunteers to keep score, push back disk, etc. The Cantina was busy cooking hamburgers and other sandwiches and Jeannie Andrews supplied us with baskets of snacks and fresh fruit. 

Thankfully, the rain did not materialize and play went well. There was a bit of excitement on Earl Ball’s court when a squirrel interrupted play dragging a small slice of pizza across the court! 

The wind became a problem in the afternoon and we were happy to get finished. State Tournament director is sending results and Joan Buck is sending pictures. 

Linda Rebholz.   2017 04 03.


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2 Responses to We Give You The Monday Report 2 by Linda Rebholz, Event Chairperson. 2017 Masters at Spanish Lakes.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Great job Linda. Wish I was there to help out….but looks as if you have plenty of well-qualified assistance. Have a wonderful week. Glenna


  2. Teresa says:

    Thank you Linda!


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