FSA MASTERS Report 3 by Linda Rebholz; 2017 04 04. Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL

2017 FSA MASTERS:  Report by Linda Rebholz.   Tuesday–Day 2; 2017 04 04.
Linda Speaks:  This was another hot and windy Florida day but so far, the rain has missed us I think we all looked at the swimming pool with a little longing. (Click on pic to expand.)
Dick Stonecipher has been busy, not only with getting the courts ready but giving out assignments to the volunteers. One of our volunteers traveled from Sebring yesterday and today. That would be our FSA 3rd Vice President, Marti Noble and she stayed busy keeping  score and pushing  back disks.. Not to be outdone, our 2nd Vice President, Bob Hovatter has traveled from Melbourne both days just for the fun of pushing back disks!!!  Our District President, Rich Anderson and several others have traveled from Port St. Lucie and that is about 20 miles. Jeannie Andrews traveled from Vero Beach each day to bring us our baskets of fruit and all kinds of treats. I can’t name all the volunteers and how far they have traveled to give us their support but how can you not love them!
Of course, I cannot forget that Colleen Austin traveled from Fort Myers to deliver the Programs and leader boards. She is also taking photos for the Preview.
There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes by so many people for these shuffleboard events. We discuss how to get more players to come out of the parks to play competitive shuffleboard but there are still those who work to further the game who don’t play in tournaments. I guess we need both.
I know we are having some tough games between these great players. As you can see from the information that Glenn Monroe is sending each day to show the standings. It really gets exciting as we begin to figure out who will fight for the championship on Thursday. Stay tuned!!
Linda Rebholz, Event Organizer Chair Person.  2017 04 04. Posted by Stan McCormack.
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One Response to FSA MASTERS Report 3 by Linda Rebholz; 2017 04 04. Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL

  1. Bob Smith says:

    Great job Linda on keeping the info coming. Enjoy your articles. Thanks a bunch.

    Bob Smith
    So. Dist. Pres.


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