2017 FSA MASTERS: We Give You The Standings at the end of Round 6. 2017 04 05

Thank You to State TD Glenn Monroe for sending along the Standings: Click on pic at left to expand.  I now give you an article about Glenn that I wrote in 2009; Glenn was the President of the Central District of FL at that time.  GLENN MONROE AS PRESIDENT OF THE CENTRAL DISTRICT

Standings as of the end of Round 6: LR6  and for the Men: MR6

I now give you a “Look Back” to the 2010 by Linda Rebholz: FINAL DAY OF THE FSA MASTERS AT VERO BEACH FL

Your Current Leader in the Ladies: Terri was Nancy Sclafani’s partner when Nancy won her final points to qualify for the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.  If you watch Terri you can’t help but be impressed.  Not only does she have the game but everything about her exudes Class and Success.  She has somewhere around 150 points but you can just tell there are 500 in the future!  She has great support in her significant other Dave Kudro(none of us can figure out how he got her) because there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do or any place he wouldn’t go to see her succeed.  Can you say super, she’s already a star!  I believe a gentleman by the name of BALL, is responsible for the comments re Terri.

I thought it appropriate to share “sentiments” of the current Male leader;    NOTE: I said “current leader”.  We all know this event IS NOT OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER!!  Click: Allen shares his reaction to his FIRST MASTERS IN 2015

Finally, here is a link to a short Slide Show >> Pix courtesy of Joan Buck. https://photopeach.com/album/14s8301

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