2017 FSA MASTERS; We Give You the Standings Following Round 5. 2017 04 05

To bring up the charts sent along by State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe, click on the links:  Ladies:  LR5 2017 masters fsa   Men:  MR5 Men round 5, 2017 Masters

I have added pix to the Slide Show of Tuesday, April 4th.  Accordingly you MAY wish to have a 2nd look.  https://photopeach.com/album/14y9g6k   

Those following the 2017 MASTERS, may find this article of some interest: https://theshuffler.net/2012/06/28/how-many-times-have-you-competed-in-the-masters/   OTHERS may find this article by then FSA President Glen Peltier interesting: FSA PRESIDENT LAMENTS HIS INABILITY TO ATTEND

Posted by Stan McCormack, 2017 04 05 12:57



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