FSA Masters Report #4 by Linda Rebhholz. 2017 04 05; Spanish Lakes, Fort Pierce FL

Linda at the OPENING with 3 Richards: L to R: Richard Stonecipher, past president-Central East Coast district; Richard Hegedorn-president Spanish Lakes Country Club Shuffleboard Club; Richard Anderson-president Central East Coast District.


 As we started into day 3, I thought of the ones who are playing in their first Masters. Back in 2010 at the Masters in Vero Beach, I talked with the first time players there. Each man and woman plays their best all season to win points with a goal of being in the top eight.
I cornered Dean Myklejord as he was eating lunch with Glenn Monroe. Dean is the President of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club in the Central District. Dean played in the District Masters. When asked how it felt to be playing his first State Masters, his first comment was “it feels good to play with the big boys”. Doesn’t that sound like a man!!! Dean also admitted to being nervous but feels that he is playing well.  Also being a newly wed, Dean misses his wife Nancy, who had to return to Canada..
Joyce Smith is one of two ladies playing for the first time. She is joined by her friend Allie Enos. (Joyce on the left, Allie on the right) Both play at Lee County and I talked with them together.  Joyce stated that on the first day, her stomach was in “knots” and she was a “nervous wreck”. She calmed down on the second day and began having fun. Starting on the second day she has won 2 from each opponent. She complimented the SLCCV for a fabulous job and feels the Masters is running smoothly.
Allie Enos is an upbeat person and feels “very blessed and honored” to be playing. She said she was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. Now she is totally relaxed and enjoying herself. She feels she is also playing well and was thrilled to take one game from each of the two top players. As in all Masters, she had to play against her friend Joyce in the afternoon and I was assigned as score keeper. It went one and one with Allie taking the third. We had a lot of laughs as they kidded each other.
Good luck to all players,
Linda Rebholz.  2017 04 05 21:25.
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