John Brown, Article 24 of the 2016 – 2017 Season. 2017 04 05.


     Space limitations presented publishing the State Amateur and Pro sections of the SWCD Masters last week.  The Amateur results made this paper on Friday, March 31.

     First in the Ladies State Ams is Cheryl Putnam of Michigan and Trailer Estates.  Officer in both Caro, MI and TE here, Cheryl is current Michigan Amateur Doubles Champion with husband Tom.

     Also from Trailer Estates, and OH, Cindy Slaughterbeck placed second.  Cindy travels widely in hospital IT, and enjoys sunsets on the TE beach on Sarasota Bay.

     Kathy Laver of IA and Hawaiian Isles placed 3rd. Kathy is 2nd Vice-President of the SWCD Executive Board, and is thankful to all who have encouraged her, and looks forward to next season.

     Sharon Hoyt of New Brunswick and Bradenton Tropical Palms placed 4th.  Sharon appreciates the shuffleboard family, where everyone is a winner with so many friends.

     Fifth is Connie Crawford, R.N. of OH and Palmetto, who hopes to continue for more pleasant years of shuffling.

     Kay Lynn Duncan of MI and Tropic Isles placed 6th.  She is Co-Secretary of SWCD next season, and thanks all who encourage and teach this enjoyable sport.

     First in the State Amateur Men was Arnie Congdon of Terra Siesta who has lived in Florida since 1983 and worked on a cattle ranch in Manatee County.  Arnie had attended a one room school in MI.  He played golf before losing one eye to cancer, and he thanks all who welcomed and helped him in shuffle.

     Second is Steve Slaughterbeck of Bluffton, OH and Trailer Estates, where he continues as Co-President and is newly 1st V.President of SWCD.  Steve is an auctioneer and real estate salesman with special interest in coins and antiques.

     Rick Hall of PA and Bradenton Shuffle Club, placed 3rd.  Rick and his son sell lineman equipment nationwide in their 4th generation business.  Rick has also raced autos on dirt tracks for 39 years.

     Phil Krick of IA and Tidevue Estates placed 4th, Overjoyed at discovery he was eligible to play, Phil is very steady, keeps cool, earns his way and never fails to be pleasant on the courts.

     Terry McNamara of Bradenton Tropical Palms placed 5th, appreciates great friendships made with so many fellow players.  Married to Adele 51 years, he is grateful for her support, and he honors helpers like Browns, Millers, Everetts, Nancy Sclafani and the other officers.

     Sixth, Jim Clark formerly of PA, now of Bradenton Shuffle Club, is also President of Bradenton Pittsburg Pirates Booster Club, doing many volunteer hours at the ballpark.  Married to Barbara 56 years, Jim is a 45 year member of the Eagles, and has also been in Moose and Elks.

7th, Brad Thomas of Bradenton Shuffle Club will be a Pro in October.  Originally from Mankato, MN, Brad has traveled extensively in groceries and bookstore efforts.  He works part-time as a concierge and in security, is a part-time teacher and finds life “good, good, good”.

     Eighth is Ned Fogarty, FL resident since 2013, plays out of Bradenton Shuffle Club.  He and Pat have 4 children, 13 grands and 6 great-grands.  In only his second year of tournament competition, Ned commands great respect overcoming physical challenges.  A complicated leg brace, 2 canes, a stand to steady him in shooting, he exhibits great patience, inspiring many. 

     Pro Masters next week.  Happy Shuffling.


FL P-25 at Lakeland March 20.  Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger-Terri Smith.  Mens Consolation: 4. Bill Batdorff-Mike Marquis

FL P-26 Tournament of Champions at Clearwater March 27.  Mens Walking. Main: 3 Jim Miller, Consolation: 2. Mike Marquis, 3. John L. Brown.  Mens  Non-Walking. Main: 1. Dwayne Cross, 2. Tom Putnam, 3. Jean Wilson, Jr.  Consolation: 3. J.R. Rathburn, Bob Kendall.  Ladies Non-Walking. 2. Terri Smith. Consolation: 2. Nancy Sclafani, 3. Pam Nurnberger.


     FL masters at Spanish Lakes Country Club near Vero Beach in Central East Coast District, April 3-6.   From Southwest Coast District playing: Jim Miller, Dave Kudro, Ron Nurnberger, Terri Smith, Pam Nurnberger.



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