2017 FSA Masters; Final Report by Linda Rebholz. 2017 04 06

White Jacket Recipients, L to R: Allie Enos, Dean Myklejord and Joyce Smith

Last day of Masters sent along by Linda Rebholz .   GRAND FINALE–THUNDER & LIGHTNING!!  Pix by Joan Buck.

There is a saying that goes something like this “Man plans and God laughs”. The rain that held off all week came today in the form of ” tornado/severe thunderstorm warning” around 10:00 a.m. We all took shelter in the clubhouse and watched the storm. Linda Hegedorn and her kitchen crew decided that lunch could be served around 11:00 a.m. so that if the rain stopped, play could continue. She had the room decorated with an Easter theme and we dined on ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and coleslaw.
Glenn Monroe introduced all the players, noting that among the white jackets, Joan Cook was proudly wearing her green one. Joan has the distinction of earning 1000 points; the only other person owning a green jacket is Glen Peltier.
Glenn also noted that volunteers are the backbone of any event and had all volunteers stand. As noted in my earlier news, Central East Coast District was blessed with help from most of the clubs, with some driving great distances. Dick Stonecipher kept the volunteers assigned where needed. It did my heart good to hear the players comment on how helpful and how friendly each volunteer was on the courts.
Landy Adkins presented the white jackets to our three first timers. Andy Enos and Bob Smith placed the jackets on their wives along with big kisses!! It was noted that Dean Myklejord had also received a red jacket this month when he was inducted into the Central District Hall of Fame.
The big competition between Earl Ball and Jim Miller for first place was thwarted by Allen Dronesfield. As usual, Terri Smith played so well that she stayed on top most of the  masters. With the rain delay, the players were cheated out of the excitement of the big presentation of placement standings. However; we have the comfort of knowing that we were all safe and that we did get to finish by about 4 p.m.
Happy Summer! I am going to watch the corn grow in Indiana!   Linda Rebholz.
Stan speaks: Linda: You deserve your break in Indiana!!  Thanks to Linda for her fine narratives; thanks to Joan for her fine pix, and thanks to Glenn for getting the results to our readers in fine time.   Don’t forget we have two pix Slide Shows:  https://photopeach.com/album/14s8301   AND  https://photopeach.com/album/14y9g6k 
Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 04 06
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One Response to 2017 FSA Masters; Final Report by Linda Rebholz. 2017 04 06

  1. VirginChandler says:

    Very nice report from Linda ! I think after trying 4 times I finally succeeded in sending Stan, Glenn and Chuck each a few pictures and report of our fun day there today !


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