Class Act by Earl Ball: Followup to the 2017 FSA MASTERS:

Allen Dronsfield takes 1st in the 2017 FSA STATE MASTERS!!

Terri Smith takes 1st!! Pam Nurnberger takes 2nd!! Both from the SWC District.

Earl Ball Speaks: Without a doubt Terri Smith is a great Champion!  This is her 2nd Masters Championship in a row and she has established herself as a superstar beyond doubt.

However, I don’t see where anyone noted how absolutely dominating Al Dronsfield was in the men’s division.  He won going away; sure I had a chance to win one of the games and Jim Miller did but Al was overwhelming with his play.  I really haven’t been beaten that bad since I can remember and the Masters field hasn’t had such a dominating Champion in quite some time.  This guy is a great Champion!

By the way, how do you beat wining the State singles the Northern District Tournament of Champions, the Northern District Masters, being inducted into the Northern District Hall of Fame and qualifying for the State Masters and winning it almost as if there were no completion?

Earl Ball, 2017 04 07.

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3 Responses to Class Act by Earl Ball: Followup to the 2017 FSA MASTERS:

  1. stan bober says:

    Great article Earl and a superstar shuffler lauding another superstar shuffler is most honorable to say the least. Like yourself, a natural talent for the game and hard practicing, produces superstars, often. I’ve always stated, “practice doesn’t make perfect shuffleboard superstars, perfect practice does, along with God Given talent! I’ve closely watched both you and Allen and I’m amazed at the precision you both have mastered. Allen came in 1st but, 2nd in the Masters is nothing to sneeze at either. Hat’s off to 2 superstar shuffleboard players. Hat’s off to you Earl, for another tell-it-like-it-is article. As you also stated, Terri Smith has proven she’s a great Champion with two straight Masters Championships!


  2. stanistheman says:

    And we have ANOTHER CLASS ACT by Stan Bober!!!


  3. Virginia Chandler says:

    Both of these fine gentlemen and shuffleboard players deserve a lot of credit ,but so don’t all the other competitors who made it this far with points. Hats off to all of them ! Winning is great ,but so is having enough points to play in this prestigious event. The same as the district is in my mind –ALL GREAT PLAYERS TO BE ELIGABLE TO PLAYIN THESE EVENTS!!!


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