PRIDE of the Northern District of the FSA!! by Lorraine Layton!! 2017 04 09.

Allen Dronsfield takes 1st in the 2017 FSA STATE MASTERS!!

Terri Smith, formerly of ND, takes 1st in the Ladies Division. Now in SWC District.

Lorraine Layton of the Tavares Shuffleboard Club Speaks:

Hi!  Stan:   What a great article, that Earl has written about Allen Dronsfield.  Yes, a champ beyond all. 

Click to read Earl’s article:   Be sure to scroll down below the actual article and read the gracious comment by Stan Bober!!!

The Northern District would like to take a small corner of pride in Terri Smith’s accomplishments also.  She began her career in the Northern District and did take lessons from a now passed away great shuffler – Bill Mychenburg.  I recall her success at every tournament, with her dances down the gutter to greet her partner, with a hug.  Two great shufflers.
Take Care   Lorraine Layton –  Tavares Shuffleboard Club.  2017 04 09.
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