I’m Convinced!! Shuffleboard AND related Social Activities Have Contributed to Peter’s Longevity!!

SHUFFLERS, It is as True This Year as it was last year!!! I talked with Peter and his friend Wilma last month before leaving FL. Both were shuffling at the time of our conversation!! KEEP IT UP “GUYS”! Stan

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

IMG_4554 Peter WW II VetPeter at 95 2015 03 22How many seniors are still active at 96?

How many seniors are still driving a car at 96?

How many Seniors are still able to take care of them-self at 96?

How many seniors have interests in the opposite sex at 96? 

How many seniors are still jumping behind the wheel of a car and driving alone for 2400 km from their winter retreat in Florida to a home in Canada where they still look after their own house, cut the grass and do all the usual maintenance themselves.

That remarkable individual is of course Peter Van Buren.

That is Peter on the left with his close friend and Shuffleboard partner Wilma McLung.  Pic on the right is Peter on his favourite mode of transportation.

He arrived home from Woodbrook Estates in  Florida yesterday (2016 04 11) at his usual time of 4:00 p.m. ( Not a minute sooner and…

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