Two Significant > But Totally Different comments in the Comment Section. Check Each Out!!

I hope and expect that each Follower is aware that all Followers are invited to leave comments in the Comment Section, below every article published.  This is only applicable to the actual BLOG, that is you must go to the  actual BLOG in order to leave the Comment, OR to read the comment.  Accordingly, if you are reading the article on Face Book, connect to the Blog to read any comments that may have been left.  The Comment Section is BELOW the actual article. You must scroll down > albeit, just a bit.

As we have recently had two very different, two very  significant “comments”, I am going to provide you a link to each of the articles referenced above.

The first article is by Earl Ball. The significant comment beneath this article is by Gus Bondi. Click:

The second, very personal comment, is by Evan Engell.  Do take time to read the article AND most importantly, the comment:

After reading the comment, please leave your reaction, your opinion!!!

Finally, do have a “Happy Easter”!!

Stan McCormack.  2017 04 14.


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4 Responses to Two Significant > But Totally Different comments in the Comment Section. Check Each Out!!

  1. Henry Strong says:

    In response to Earl and Gus comment on the Masters when I was 1st Vice President of the FSA I suggested an all star week like all other sports have where shuffleboard could have the Master played and the FSA singles on a rotating venue and points giving to both and could have your winter FSA meeting in the afternoon instead of ten o’clock at night and expect the shufflers to perform the next day. It is certainly held at the wrong time of the year for more than one reason. Well you all know what happen to me, guess maybe I could have been ahead of time. Henry Strong.

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  2. Henry Strong says:

    Stan. Please insert (Hall of Fame) banquet after winter meeting.

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  3. Gus Bondi says:

    I agree with Henry 100% that shuffleboard should have a break half way through the season and playing the Master’s half way through and having the winter FSA meeting at a decent hour instead of late at night.
    But,I do not agree with giving points to just a select few people while other shuffler’s look on.

    I wish more people would express themselves instead of reading comments from only a select few people…..Changes can’t be made unless you express yourself.


  4. Henry Strong says:

    In response to Gus, if the Masters were played the same time as the FSA singles why shouldn’t the ones playing the masters get the same points.


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