Brazilians Dine with the Allens!! Paulo and Paula Pavao Brighten Our Day!!

Paulo Pavao and daughter Paula dining in FL with Jim and Beth Allen

Jim Allen Speaks: Thursday night was so much fun — I met Paulo Pavao, a key member of the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association and one of the organizers of this years World Championship in July in Brazil.  Paulo is in town with his daughter Paula for a few days of holiday.

We met at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club and played a few games while waiting for Beth to arrive.  Our conversation varied greatly and included every topic banned from normal life…..politics, religion etc.  When Beth arrived the 4 of us went to dinner, and the conversation continued.
I had expected the evening to be filled with thoughts of the World Championship – and the constant exchange of ideas and plans that are required of such an event.  However; one of the first sentences Paulo spoke to us assured us both that the plans for this event are solid, and that the ISA players attending this event will experience a unique cultural experience that will enrich their lives forever.
We learned that his beautiful daughter Paula went to middle school at the Centro Cultural La Salle in Niteroi, the same venue where the World Championships will be held in 100 days.  She currently is in high school, studying in Florida and loves the USA.  She has a variety of interests, but her eyes light up the most when she speaks of journalism, theatre — or traveling to new cities.
Our waiter was named Sher, and our story would not be complete if I did not include this man.  His name badge told of his Pakistani heritage, and he proudly reminded us of where coffee originated.  His wit kept us all smiling, and inside I felt this glow as I watched the dynamics of this table….The Americans, The Brazilians, The Pakistani —- all enjoying life to its fullest.
When we spoke of past ISA tournaments it was a challenge to remember the names of who came in first, second etc.   But the stories of friendships and laughter and hugs went on and on through the night, forever etched in our memories.

So I guess my story ends like this.  I thought for sure the evening would be all about how to plan the ISA Championships to make the sport of shuffleboard even better, to see this sport thrive all over the world.  And yet at the end of the day it was the world that seemed a better place, and it was the sport of shuffleboard that brought us all together at that table.

Shuffleboard is more than a sport – it is a vehicle we can all use to make our towns, our cities, our nations…..and yes our world…..a better place.  And we will see that so assuredly once again this July in Brazil, as players from all over the world meet in Niteroi Brazil to create new friendships, new laughter, new hugs…….and oh yes, play the sport of shuffleboard!  Regards,  Jim Allen. 2017 04 15.

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5 Responses to Brazilians Dine with the Allens!! Paulo and Paula Pavao Brighten Our Day!!

  1. Evan Engell says:

    Excellent story. Thank you.


  2. gary pipher says:

    Is there any way you could send a copy of this fantastic article to POTUS Donald Trump and Steve Bannon .
    Just maybe; Donald would be so kind to share some of the American tax payer dollars that is spent on getting him to Mar-a- Lago for golf and relaxation every weekend, and that money could support the wonderful game of shuffleboard for seniors all the while making America Great again.


  3. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Such a beautifully written review of your visit with Paulo and his daughter Paula, Jim. You have captured the essence of the reason shuffleboarders all over the world enjoy the opportunity to “get together”. The game is incidental, the relationships unforgettable! Thanks for such a wonderful story. We will miss being part of that reunion of nations in Brazil.


  4. deb says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait! Great story!!! What fun to “kind of” meet someone who will be there!!


  5. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thank you Jim and Stan for sharing this excellent story with us. As the weeks get closer to us going to Brazil, I can feel the love in our hearts for the many friends that we have, from around the world. Shuffleboard has given us the opportunity to create these “great friendships and memories”.
    Our first time ISA Shufflers will soon experience this wonderful feeling.

    Myrna Bilton
    ISA President


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