Rich Phifer Shares With Us That Lary Faris IS NOT WELL!! 2017 04 15.

Lary Faris has been admitted to hospice as reported by Rich and Marilynn Phifer.

Rich and Marilynn Phifer will arrive in Lakeside on Tuesday and hope to be able to give us more information.  The Lakeside Members have been alerted to Lary’s situation, and are keeping Lary in their prayers.  Please join with the Lakeside Members.

Rich and Marilynn Speak: Lary got me into shuffleboard volunteering and he tutored Marilynn. He played two of his last tournaments with me as a partner.  It was an honor as he carried me.  We won the Bill Slyh one year and finished 3rd the next.  Marilyn and Lary Faris are leaders and Marilynn and Rich Phifer have been blessed to be two their humble followers and have them as friends.

I am going to insert two representative articles to give the very few shufflers who do not know Lary, an idea of his significance to the Shuffleboard World.  Lary Faris, Great Article by Earl Ball   Lary Faris Shuffleboard Superstar. Great article by Glen Peltier

Stan McCormack, 2017 04 15.


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One Response to Rich Phifer Shares With Us That Lary Faris IS NOT WELL!! 2017 04 15.

  1. Glen Peltier. says:

    Lary was the very man that always told me to play the classic game. Clear the board when ahead and play the board when behind. He watched me often to see if i ever strayed from his teachings. I owe Lary Faris much. Good luch you straight shooter. Glen Peltier.


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