Earl Ball Revisits The Topic/Discussion He Began!!


Several players have made comments and think I should make another comment, so I will(To read Earl’s initial comment, and the several reactions to it, click on this link.  The window will open at the end of the Comment Section. I suggest you scroll up, to the tops of the article for greater clarity:   https://theshuffler.net/2017/04/07/masters-talk-by-earl-ball-may-i-suggest-that-you-react-to-earls-article-by-leaving-a-comment/#comment-239195   Below is his follow-up comment of 2017 04 16, BY EARL.   NOTE: If you wish to leave a Comment, leave it below the link article, NOT THIS ARTICLE. Stan 2017 04 16. 

I think the “Masters” should be put on a calendar year basis for points and should be contested at the same time the State Singles is contested.  It should be played by the top 6 players, so it is over in 3 days, and if someone decides not to play we should go as deep as 8 players to round out the field.  If we don’t have 6 we play with what we have.  The “Masters” players should get points as if they were playing the State Singles. Eight for 1st, 6 for 2nd 5 for 3rd and 3 for 4th.  5th should get 2 and 6th1 point.  If you qualify for the “Masters” you should have to play or be ineligible for the Singles.

That’s much better than the wart on the end of the season that we have now!

Earl 2017 04 16

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