The President of the Host Nation of the 36th World Championship is Bernar Borges. I Tell You Just A Little About Him!!

 Bernar is selected to represent Shuffleboard on the World Stage   Bernar – TAFISA up  The pic on the left of 4 young enthusiastic shufflers, smiles on their face, was taken in Lithuania (read the link) The 4 of them were in the process of disrobing AS THEY HAD JUST CAME IN FROM A DOWN POUR, clothes soaking wet!!  From left to right: Camille Caldas, Bernar Borges, Marius Runge and Gabriel Zellner.  Camille, Marius, and of course Bernar will all be in Niteroi, Brazil for the 36th!!  Regular  followers of the BLOG will remember that the living conditions in our building were deplorable!!  We complained and management offered to relocate our contingent.  HOWEVER; the adults among us realized that the “young among us”, were having so much fun, we elected to remain in the building!!  To expand on our TAFISA EXPERIENCE, I now give you two links: FRIDAY Great Story re TAFISA  2)  Story With An Upbeat Finish     Great great story demonstrating Jim Bailey’s excellent judgment!!!

The next pic is of Bernar carrying the Flag at the opening of the 2007 World Championship in Midland, Ontario.  This was Bernar’s very first International Tournament.  He topped the Brazilian Players in wins; his behaviour, his pleasant behaviour earned him the Merit/Sportsmanship Award!!

Bernar in concentration mode at Dieppe NB

Bernar takes 1st in a 2007 Brazilian Competition. Marcos takes 2nd!!  Fatima takes 1st, Women

The 3rd pic at top, of Michael, Bernar and Luiz, is taken at Dieppe, NB on the occasion of the 30th World Singles.   Click on any pic to expand.

The Brazilian Shuffleboard Association (ABS) presented the sport at The 2015 CINFAABB Games, held at AABB Club in Belém, from June 13th to 20th.

See details to right in BOLD print.

Organized annually by FENABB (Federation of AABB Clubs), The CINFABB Games is a competition for retirees from Bank of Brazil, the largest Brazilian and Latin American bank. 1.200 competitors from all over the country gathered together in Belém to compete in 15 different sport modalities.  Bernar was a prime mover in this venture!!

In 2016 Bernar was inducted into the ISA HALL OF FAME, PLAYER AWARD.  As you will quickly realize, Bernar has made a SIGNIICANT CONTRIBUTION to SHUFFLEBOARD separate and distinct from his demonstrated ability as a PLAYER .  I am sharing with you what I consider to be the key/the significant components of Michael’s presentation which support my statement above.  Michael Zellner Speaks:  Shuffleboard has been going through many fabulous changes in recent years. Newer, younger and highly motivated individuals have been arriving on-scene and altering the destiny of our shuffleboard organizations around the world. In 2014, Bernar was elected to be the Brazilian National President another record breaking feat among all National Presidents due to his youthful age. That same year as National President and Captain of the team, Bernar coached and rallied his team to a joyful and tear-filled victory garnishing the Bronze Medal for 3rd place in the 33rd World Championship. Bernar was once more the Top finisher and for the first time, since entering the World Championships back in 1996, the Brazilian team took home a medal. When the ISA President and Board were designing a more updated flag for the ISA and reached out for inputs, Bernar, being his usual self, jumped up and sent in various designs for consideration. One of which is the current version of our ISA flag. 

I am now going to give you Bernar’s response to the induction remarks by Michael.  His humility, his sincere expressions of love and support for Shuffleboard and those with whom he works, speak volumes of Bernar as a human being.  I think each of us can agree we have a capable and dedicated Shuffler who is setting a fine example for EACH of us.  Click to read: Bernar’s Acceptance Speech. 2016 11 02 up

Stan McCormack.  2017 04 19.





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3 Responses to The President of the Host Nation of the 36th World Championship is Bernar Borges. I Tell You Just A Little About Him!!

  1. Michael says:

    Another in a series of fine articles by Stan the Man. I would only like to add that in 2005 at the ISA World Championship Bernar was the court dresser for that championship and shot disks alone in the quiet hours of the evening after we all had departed for festivities. During my Presidency I
    re-itterated many times that a few of our member nations are in jeopardy of falling out of the ISA because they have not heeded the call to recruit and bring in younger members to carry-on as their competitor population ages and slowly withdraws from competition for predominently health related issues.


  2. Bernar says:

    Dear friend Stan McCormack, I feel very honored to have such a complete and beautiful article about myself in your prestigious shuffleboard blog! Thank you so much for you kind words. You will be missed this time in Brazil.

    Great times are coming again!

    Best regards,

    Bernar Borges
    ABS President


  3. stanistheman says:

    THANK YOU Bernar!! Stan


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