Peter and Erika Berg Share Their Most Interesting Story!!! (Please send along yours!!)

Peter and Erika’s Island Home.  Quality Home; Quality Pic!!

Hi Stan:  As you know we live on a peninsular during the summer months at Loon Bay. (part of Georgian Bay) It is near Parry Sound On. We have no road to drive to our cottage. Boat access only.

As we took off this year from our Marina the water was beautiful blue, cold but ice free.Click Me! Travelling full speed was lots of fun. Our granddaughter took off 5 minutes earlier with the smaller and faster boat. She said: “See you at the cottage shortly”. I agreed and off she went.

After about 1/2 mile she had stopped suddenly and waved frantically for me to stop. My first thought was, engine problems. But as I came closer I saw what she meant, there was a large patch of ice right in front of her. No problem, I had to use my old work horse the 24′ Chris Craft as an icebreaker. We arrived at the cottage a few minutes later than planed but had no more difficulties.

Next year we will stay 2 weeks longer in Florida to be sure the ice is gone by then!!.

Peter and Erika .  To better appreciate the pix, click on your choice.

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7 Responses to Peter and Erika Berg Share Their Most Interesting Story!!! (Please send along yours!!)

  1. Gary pipher says:

    “Great story about two hardy Canadians ”
    Peter and Erica enjoy living on the lake wothout the amenities of city dwellers but the physical requirements of this lifestyle keeps them young and healthy.
    Peter and Eric are members of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club and the trip each week consist of travelling by boat and another 120 mile round trip by car . Now that’s what you can call dedicated to a game they both love to play.


  2. Murray and Muriel Burnett says:

    Thank you, Peter and Erica. What an amazing adventure. Your cottage looks lovely, and we can see why you enjoy it. Such serenity!


  3. stanistheman says:

    Reblogged this on Your Source for Shuffleboard News and commented:

    Peter and Erika are well known in Florida Shuffleboard Circles. Peter and Erika have a WONDERFUL CANADIAN RESIDENCE. Do enjoy the article. Stan


  4. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you Erika and Peter for sharing more memories about your summer life. Please say hello to your daughter, son-in-law and three wonderful grandchildren who are all very close to their
    Oma and Opa. To you all ~ please stay safe.


  5. Sharon & Carl says:

    Enjoyed your story & pictures. Have you had any snow since arriving home? Sounds like a good plan for next year.🙂 we are staying a little longer than usual this year, but mainly because of the virus. Have a great summer & stay healthy. Carl & Sharon


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  7. Pat Batdorff says:

    We are so thankful you both are fine. What a beautiful home you have. Enjoy your family this summer. Erika, I am so sorry you have all those back problems. You are a trooper, that’s for sure. Keep well, Peter.


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