An Important Message from the President of Tavares Shuffleboard Club.

This  is directed to the Florida State Shuffleboard Board, Northern District Shuffleboard Board, Tavares Shuffleboard Board and the Committee, inspecting courts to approve courts to be worthy of  play for Master’s tournaments.

On April 19th, 2017 a committee of three  – Glenn Monroe, Earl Ball and Sharon Upson, visited Tavares courts to inspect the courts to see if they were acceptable for Master’s play. The final condition, was that the courts must be beaded and play will be with a different set of disc, other than what we use . This decision was analyzed very carefully, by the board of the Tavares Shuffleboard club and brought to the membership for discussion. Because the committee decided that our courts are not suitable as they are, please accept our release from hosting this event.

Our club enjoys the courts we have, with thanks to the city of Tavares, with whom we have a very close relationship.  They do not ask much of us, but, to maintain our courts in a manner, for all to enjoy.

Our offer to host this event was accepted in 2014, and our intention was to expose our city , our district, our club and our members, to those, that are very accomplished and  seasoned players, with skills to be ready to play on any court that is presented to them. We are sure you are aware, that we produce great players, that we are very proud of, showing accomplishments, beyond the goals that have never been achieved in the past.  Namely our member Allen Dronsfield. A career, that began at Tavares Shuffleboard Club.

We are sure that the State and the Northern District, will find a venue, that will meet the needs of the committee to host this event.

Tavares Shuffleboard Club  –  President –  Lorraine Layton, and board members:  Marlyce Fistman, Mary Jane Neumann, Duane Lammers, Cheryl Cole, Rick Enright, Patty Foster.

Sent along by President Lorraine Layton.  Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 04 23.

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14 Responses to An Important Message from the President of Tavares Shuffleboard Club.

  1. Jerry Stannard Pres. SWCD says:



  2. jJoan Cook says:

    Double Bravo. I’m not even going to play the State tournament you are hosting next season.


  3. Gus Bondi says:

    Before I make a comment,I would like one question answered.
    Was the three person committee APPOINTED BY THE FSA BOARD to go to Tavares?


  4. stanistheman says:



  5. Jerry Stannard Pres. SWCDTrailer Estates says:

    In my opinion, if they have been holding state tournaments there for years there is no reason the Masters shouldn’t be held there. it’s as simple as that, they shouldn’t have to be altered to please some people. Would we have to alter Hollywood and Estates or change discs all over the place. As I said before, “aren’t we supposed to be able to adjust to different conditions”. It’s we remember that it’s a game we play for fun.


  6. BRAVO to the Tavares Shuffleboard Club for NOT bowing down to the few “Entitled”, or so they think are, that felt our club and/courts did not suit their style of play. Pros adapt and overcome…they don’t do what you just did…SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!


  7. stanistheman says:

    Glenn Monroe as Chair of the Committee, said this: Today at 2:01 PM 2017 04 23:
    Our committee requested to meet with representatives of the Tavares Shuffleboard Club to attempt to resolve complaints we had received from Masters players regarding the playability of their courts. As a result of that meeting the committee requested some compromises of the club’s representatives. No demands were made by the committee and the club representatives readily agreed to those requests. There was absolutely no hesitation on their part. I am truly disappointed that persons not present at that meeting have overturned that agreement and have decided to withdraw their offer to host the Masters without further consultation with members of the committee or with other representatives of the FSA.

    Glenn Monroe
    Committee Chairman


    • Cole Cheryl says:

      We, as reps for the Tavares Shuffle Club, listened to the conditions we would have to meet to hold the Masters. I believe you were told, we would discuss it with the city of Tavares and our club president . If you thought we would make a final decision without consulting them, you were wrong. We operate as a club, not any one individual making the decisions. Only one of the three of your committee was a FSA board member. One was the person complaining and one was a member of Hawthorne that wants the State Masters to be held there! Really????


  8. stanistheman says:

    On 2017 04 24, Lorraine Layton, President of the Tavares Shuffleboard Club, said this:
    Hi!  Glenn:  In response to your email.  As President of the Tavares Shuffleboard Club it is my duty to notify or advise others of situations that involve our club. The board spent several days of thought after meeting with the committee. A vote was then taken by all members of the board to determine their acceptance of the recommendations of the committee.  The vote came back unanimously in favor of NOT TO HOST THE MASTERS.

    Glenn, you have mentioned that “persons not present” (assuming this is referring to myself) at the meeting have overturned the agreement. I want to let you know that I did not vote FOR or AGAINST these recommendations as it was not necessary to do so. The unanimous vote was all board members beyond myself.  My duty as President of the Tavares Shuffleboard Club was to honor this decision and act upon it. 

    The Tavares Shuffleboard Club was very excited in 2014, when our request to host was accepted and we were moving forward to do so.  I guess it was not meant to be.  

    Take Care   Lorraine – President – Tavares Shuffleboard Club


  9. stanistheman says:

    George Adyns, Central District Tournament Director, said this on 2017 04 24: “I was fortunate enough to direct a state pro tournament at Tavares (P22A) this past season and not one of the 82 shufflers that participated complained to me about the condition of any of the
    George Adyns
    District Tournament Director
    Central District


  10. Cole Cheryl says:

    The FSA should be ashamed of themselves. They should never have questioned the “playability” of Tavares courts. We host state tournaments every year without an issue. If a player says he won’t play, if he has to play there….that is his option. I am so very proud to be a part of the Tavares Shuffleboard Club and that we did not bow down to appease a few. Our club is a class act and promotes the game we love.


  11. Gus Bondi says:

    This situation will not get resolved until the October FSA meeting.
    I agree with Jerry Stannard that there have been state tournaments at Tavares for years and there is no reason what so ever that the Master’s should not be played there.
    If people think that they may have a problem adjusting to the host courts,then they have the right to go to the courts and practice on Saturday and Sunday to adjust to the conditions….Simple as that.
    I give the Tavares board and club members a lot of credit for turning down the Master’s because requests were made to change things after they were awarded the tournament in 2014
    Was there a committee last year for Briny Breezes or for Hollywood or Fort Pierce years ago?…I don’t think so.
    George Adyns brings out a good point that when he was tournament director this pass year for 82 shuffler’s and no complaints
    I think that the FSA owes the Tavares Shuffleboard Club and all of it’s members a apology and tell the club that they WILL HOST THE MASTER’S in 2018.
    It will be interesting how the outcome will be.


  12. Michael Zellner says:

    Congrats to Lorraine and the entire board at the Tavares Shuffleboard Club. Your obligation is to satisfy the members and avid supporters of your own club and not bend to the desires of invited guests even if they are those seasoned masters with many times overblown egos. A true master can adapt to the many environments they encounter. Imagine how you feel when you play on courts with local players who know the unique intricacies of each court before you ever step up to it. One can whine all day or master and overcome the drifts, ripples and strange special affects before you. A Master is born !


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