Coldwater ON launches their 2017 Summer Season!!

On Tuesday, May 2nd, the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club began their “Summer Season” activity!  All 16 Courts were fully occupied!! The action takes place in the Coldwater Curling Club; courts painted on the concrete surface, courts that have been properly prepared and run well.

It was evident that members had been “talking it up”, because  there were several shufflers present for the very first time.  We lunched at the local Legion and 4 of the people at our table of 12 were “first timers”!!  (Click on any pic to expand)

Club President George O’Reilly welcomed everyone and explained the procedure to be followed.  It was evident that a good deal of thought had gone into preparations, as registration and court assignment went smoothly!!   George announced that on Thursday, the Special Needs Children would be once again shuffling.

A friendly atmosphere was evident throughout the entire event > perhaps in anticipation of free coffee and a piece of fine cake at the conclusion!!  Everyone joined in the conversations following the shuffling.  As I have several times before, I laud Curling Club facilities as a very fine venue for Shuffleboard.

The Coldwater Club shuffles every Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 13:00 (1 p.m.) Give some thought to joining; you will be glad you did.

Stan & Lois McCormack who drove all the way from Ottawa to participate!!  2017 05 04.

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1 Response to Coldwater ON launches their 2017 Summer Season!!

  1. garypipher says:

    Thanks to Stan and Lois for attending the opening day of summer shuffleboard in Coldwater. You were there when we opened the Club and continue to support us after a these years.


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