Shuffleboard At Its Very Best!! Bromleys Host!!

Well worth a re-read!! DO CHECK THE SLIDE SHOW. Don’t believe I missed anyone?? BROMLEYS were GREAT hosts!!

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

Floor Shuffleboard; Tournament Keeps Growing!!


Bromley Glen & SylviaStan’s Intro: Take a moment and enjoy this article from 2005.  Whether your are from the “West” or the “East”, you will know some of the people referenced in this article.  Glen and Sylvia Bromley, pic on left, did  a Great Deal for our Sport!!  Do hope they are both enjoying good health.

Once again, Athabasca staked its claim as northern Alberta’s floor shuffleboard capital.  The town’s third annual shuffleboard tournament continued its streak of suc­cess, attracting 108   com­petitors this year, making it the second largest tour­nament of its kind in Alberta. Innisfail, which holds a tournament immediately before the Athabasca event, attracted 128 players this year.

“We’re hoping for 128 next year,” said organizer Glenn Bromley. ‘We could go higher, but 128 is a nice figure, It’s easy to draw up.” Participants in the…

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