Comments by a New Shuffleboard Player:

by Dennis Allard
I learned of the Clermont Shuffleboard Club through the articles in the News Leader which included an open invitation to anyone interested to come and try the game out.
Immediately, I was well received and invited to learn the game by playing and returned another day and knew this was an activity I wanted to be part of. The game appealed to me because I was looking for an outside activity that included meeting people, enjoying the weather and having fun most of all. The Club has long time experience players that are eager to teach the game with patience and competitive fun.
The well-kept shuffleboard courts are absolutely beautiful and very comfortable to play on. The downtown setting is gorgeous with its mature trees and wonderful view of Lake Minneola that lend to a small town feel.
Open Shuffleboard Tuesday, Friday, Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at Kehlor Park 466 W. Minneola Ave. Clermont FL. Corner of N.5th St and Minneola Ave.

Posted on 2017 05 07.


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2 Responses to Comments by a New Shuffleboard Player:

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Need more of this kind of thing from other players.


  2. Nancy Taylor Sclafani says:

    Welcome to the game. I’m sure you will find it rewarding both on and off the courts.


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