Story by Stan from 2011. As You Read, Remember, Written in 2011!!

Earl Ball Sends Greetings To Wilma McLung!! A Class Act by 2 Classy Shufflers!

Stan Speaks: When Earl Ball read this article in 2011, announcing Wilma’s  induction as a Woodbrook Life Time Member, he was inspired and sent the message in red (below) to Wilma. 

I am impressed! Woodbrook is so lucky to have you.  Your enthusiasm and willingness to get involved and to lead is admired by all of us.  It sounds like I need to come by and try some of your pancakes sometime; I’m so happy for you and everyone in Woodbrook that benefits from all you do.”  Earl (Ball)

Every Sport Has Its Icons!!

Such individual have become synonymous with the Sport: Golf has its Tiger Woods, Shufflers in Florida can choose between Canadians Joan Cook or Glen Peltier OR American Earl Ball:

Shufflers in Woodbrook Estates   CHOOSE WILMA McLUNG!!

At this time I thought you may like to know just a bit about Earl (Ball).  He has 589 Lifetime Pro Points which places him 11th for the State of FL.  In the current season, 2010-2011 he has accumulated 58 points which places him 3rd in the “Point Race”. The 2 paragraphs below are taken from the supporting remarks for his own induction into the Central District Hall of Fame.

We would like to speak about Earl’s accomplishments as a Player in the Central District, and about his contribution to the sport. Earl does not just play the game; Earl makes every game an opportunity to send a message to others that “This Game is exciting; this game is challenging; and it is a game requiring skill and ability!! Just listen to the comments of a reporter of the Tampa Tribune: “Take all those images of shuffleboard that might lurk in your conscience, wad them up with the stereotypes and opinions that seem to smudge the sport’s validity – at least with younger audiences – and present them to Earl Ball.

The 60-year-old Betmar Acres resident will gladly pound those prejudices into fine granules with a conversational flurry – plaudits, terminology, even strategy – about the sport he has come to embrace. ”It’s highly competitive”, said Ball, [In] golf, you’re playing against the course and yourself. But in this game, I expect you to knock me off and you expect me to knock you off, so it takes you back to the days of sticks and bats and balls – all those types of things.”

Stan Again: Just maybe we will have Earl in as a special guest next year and he and Wilma can Chat It Up!!  2011 03 29. 

Stan in 2017:   I am going to work on that for the 2018 Woodbrook Shuffleboard Banquet!!   

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