Membership “goes from” 8,000 TO 35, TO 1,000!! Talk About a Comeback!! Only 1 Shuffleboard Club Can Claim This!!

From 8000 members in the 50’s to only 35 members in the 2000’s, we are ready to celebrate reaching 1000 members again! Come help us celebrate 50’s style! Be ready to shake, rattle, and shuffle all night long.
Music, food, drinks, photo booth, and more surprises await you. Channel your favorite 50’s icon or create your own 50’s alter ego.
BYOB but we may have some wine, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks on hand.
Don’t be a square – we will see you there!

Congratulations to everyone who had a role in this TERRIFIC TURN AROUND, THIS TERRIFIC COMEBACK!!   

Early in 1923 Mr. P. T. Ives of Meriden, Conn. who had played shuffleboad on shiboard, came to St. Petersburg as a tourist to spend the winter, at once saw the possibilities of the game and urged the Park Board to build a couple of courts in Mirror Lake Park.  So enthuisatic was he in regard to the value of the game to the city that after some investigation, and much urging on the part of Mr Ives, it was decided to build the two courts, which was done in the fall of 1923, just in front of where the new two story club house now stands.  Mr. Ives is well remembered by the older members of the club as a most courteous gentleman, and an enthusiastic booster for the shuffleboard club until the time of his death.  He personally induced many to join the club, and he was made a Life Member of the club in recognition of his services. On Januaary 24, 1924 the club was organized, thus becoming the very first organized Shuffleboard Club in FLThe Cub was called the Mirror Lake Park Shuffleboard Club.  Membership card No. 1 was issued to M. J. Kane of Rhode Island, who became the first President.  The other officers were Mrs. Roger Gibson, Vice President; E.E. Peterson, Secretar-Treasurer; A. J. Dickerson, Jr.., Financial Secretary; (Mr. Dickerson soon after resigned and E. F. Wolfrum was appointed to fill the office); Jacob Martin, Treasurer.

MORE: Read More About the Transformation of Mirror Lake

Posted by Stan; 2017 05 11.

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