We Share With You Good News With Respect To Gus Bondi’s Health.

Gus Bondi Speaks: A Big Thanks to my Doctors; a Very Special Thanks to my Very Best Care Giver, Marie!! 

This is the latest on my health issue as of this afternoon after seeing my surgeon.
I am “on hold” until the first week of August until the radiation and chemo is out of my body and then the my surgeon will take a look at the tumor with a scope to see what is going on and I hope how much it has decreased in size.
I will have two options then.
1…….radiation seeds implanted into my tumor to stop the growth or
2……a different kind of chemo for 6 months 3 days a week and I would have to wear a chemo pump  24/7 for the three days…..according to my chemo Doctor yesterday, there is a possibility that the tumor will be gone because of it’s size(one inch)…..NO GUARANTEE
I will no longer be going to my radiologist in Tampa…..I feel that he was very unfair in his first meeting with me and then changed his mind after I was half way through my 28 treatments…..So I am dumping him and take on a radiologist here in Z’hills that my surgeon has recommended. I Really don’t need a radiologist now anyway because I cannot take more radiation for my problem area.

I feel great……eat good…..sleep good …..my only side effect from the chemo is that I tire easily and I am also 84 years old.

So, I am looking forward to playing shuffleboard every morning and playing some summer tournaments real soon.

You are now updated……..Thanks for your prayers…..GREATLY APPRECIATED

Gus Bondi  2017 05 18.

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6 Responses to We Share With You Good News With Respect To Gus Bondi’s Health.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Sounds like things are going well Gus. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Best wishes for a good report and good recovery. Hugs to both you and Marie, Glenna & David


  2. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    Gus, best wishes for a speedy recovery, look forward to playing its you in the fall.


  3. Moe & Teresa Vermeulen says:

    Happy to hear that everything is going well Gus, take care and we will keep you in our Prayers!


  4. Ronald Ferry says:

    Praise the Lord for the good news Gus
    …..looking forward to playing many more matches with you!!!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺


  5. Myrna Bilton says:

    Great news….prayers have been answered.
    God Bless
    Myrna & Rendall


  6. God Bless, Gus you are still in our Prayers.


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