Personal Travels of Stan and Lois. Trip to China 5 Years Ago. Day 7.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Day 7 of our 2012 Adventure to China with Smart Tours.

Here is the official itinerary for Day 7: Sep 05 (Wed): On a guided excursion visit one of the world’s most amazing archaeological discoveries: a life-: Terra Cotta Army of soldiers and horses guarding the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi. It was unearthed in 1974 after be buried with the first Qin emperor for 22 centuries! Later, visit the intriguing Shanxi Museum and view the precious treasures from the ancient Han and Tang Dynasties. This evening savor a delicious dumpling dinner, a local specie and delight in a Tang Dynasty spectacular folklore show. (B,L,D)

Here is Stan’s Version of Day 7:  Day 7 China Trip,TC Warrariors   Slide show accessible from the link as well.

I will now give you a bonus: (lol) As an intro. we found that Chinese seemed to be amazed at the height of North Americans.  They frequently asked to have their pic taken along side some of the taller among our tour.  Even at a meagre 5 ft 8 inches, I was approached a couple of times. Five Pix That I Rather Like

Do  hope you are enjoying this series.  Stan 2017 05 25.

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