Personal Travels of Stan and Lois. Trip to China 5 Years Ago. Day 12

And you thought You Had Seen High Density Living!!  Chongqing, hyped as the “largest city in the world”!   34 million!!

Day 12 of our 2012 Adventure to China with Smart Tours.

Here is the official itinerary for Day 12:  p 10 (Mon): Arrive Chongqing/Guilin. Disembark in the mountain city of Chongqing, a modern river port with ancient history spanning 3000 years. Later, fly southward to Guilin, home to the magnificent karst limestone formations, mist-covered hills and bamboo groves made famous through centuries of Chinese art. This afternoon, visit e famous Reed Flute Cave. Royal Garden Hotel. (B,L) 

Here is Stan’s Version of Day 12: Day 12, China Tour Sep 10  “Good Info.”!!

Earl and Vivian in Holland. “Luv that Cap”

Roy and Doreen Norman

Rendall and Myrna Bilton

Stan and Lois, of course, are NOT the only shufflers to visit China:  HI STAN from EARL in China

Irene and Pete Pollock, Austin McDonalds Daughter

Roy and Doreen Norman also visited China as did Myrna and Rendall!!  Irene Pollock and husband Peter also visited for 21 days I believe.  Positive reports from all!!!

Stan McCormack.  2017 05 30.

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