Jim Bailey! We Highlight Just Some Of His Shuffleboard Accomplishments!!

Jim Bailey Inducted Into the FSA Hall of Fame, President’s Award in 2009; Player Award in 2008; ISA HOF in 2011; US NSA HOF IN 2010, Player Award.  

We don’t hear from Jim Bailey lately?  Jim was one of Florida’s Very Best Shufflers.

I thought it appropriate to remind us of JUST SOME of Jim’s accomplishments.

Earl Ball said this in 2007; little did he know that Jim was just beginning!! “BAILEY WINS 3RD IN A ROW! That’s right, Jim Bailey teamed with Jim Miller to defend their Bradenton State Championship and the win gave Bailey his 3rd Championship in a row. The target gets bigger. Grant Boshart and I had planned to stick an arrow in the target, but we stumbled in the semis against Mel Erb and Paul Miller (Grant and I can’t believe it either)!! Jim can’t make it much further, the pressure is too great!”

Jim and Ninfa

In 2007 I wrote this: JIM BAILEY JOINS THE EXCLUSIVE PERFECT RECORD CLUB!!At Midland, ON (2007 ) during the 26th ISA, Jim Bailey won every game he played, thus earning the right to membership in the Perfect Record Club. When congratulated by THE SHUFFLER immediately following his last game, Jim had this to say: “It is absolutely unbelievable; as the tournament went on, I did not think I could do it, I really didn’t.”

I will now give you just a few of Jim’s High Points:  bailey wins world  ;  bailey wins NEPTUNE ;

FSA Player Award:  Hall of Fame Player Jim Bailey 

Jim Bailey “helps out” in Lithuania!!

Because of Jim’s personal attributes, he was chosen to join a small group of shufflers who travelled to Lithuania to demonstrate Shuffleboard to the World!!  I am going to give you ONE STORY, AND ONE PICTURE, both involving Jim.  We all had a great time.  I will be giving you a pdf file and a single pic.  When you open the pdf file, be sure and scroll down 4 pages to see all the fine pix!!  Here is the pdf file:  Story With An Upbeat Finish

AND NOW, the one fine picture:  Look to your left!!  Click on each of the 4 links; you will be glad you did!

Stan McCormack.  2017 06 02


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1 Response to Jim Bailey! We Highlight Just Some Of His Shuffleboard Accomplishments!!

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Great story Stan ! Thanks and Thanks for reminding us of Jim Bailey and his GREAT HELP FOR SHUFFLE BOARD everywhere.


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