Al Dronsfield Shares his Memories AND PICTURES, of a part of his Working Career.

My articles with regard to our trip to China motivated Allen Dronsfield share his Travel Story.  Allen is a citizen and resident of the USA.

Allen began his career as a Welding Contractor for 25 years building Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Chemical Plants and Pipelining.   He took great pride being a self-employed welder and was at the top of the industry when he decided to make a career change.  TRUCKING became his 2nd career for an additional 25 yrs.

Allen speaks:  I got to choose my loads and 80% of my trips I chose to go to your beautiful country, (Canada) not to mention the longer the trip the more money you made. I have been island to island in Canada, ice road trucking in the Northwest Territory, but by far, Newfoundland was always my favorite.

I took many pictures during my travels and found that they were just accumulating in folders in my computer doing nothing. I discovered Photostory 3 for Windows and launched my movie making career. I am sending to you two attached photostories I made and they are in my earlier stages of creativity. I found that many Canadians have never visited Newfoundland and I know that Glenda & Clar Brake are from Newfoundland and David & Glenna Earle from Nova Scotia? I hope they would also enjoy these. Please turn up the sound as I have added music which I think compliments the stories. Allen Dronsfield. 

Allen had attached to this message, two wonderful Slide Shows.  No, they were more than normal Slide Shows; they were far superior, so much so that I am unable to upload them to my BLOG.   HOWEVER; if you believe you would enjoy, I am confident you would, I suggest that you send Allen an e-mail ( )  and ask him to forward the 2 Photostories of Newfoundland.

Stan McCormack.  2017 06 02



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2 Responses to Al Dronsfield Shares his Memories AND PICTURES, of a part of his Working Career.

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Great to hear ! Just sent a request to Allen.


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