Stan and Lois Share a Part of their European Tour of 20 Years Ago!!! AND 59 Years Ago?? See Stan With Hair!!

Pix are of Stan, taken in London in 1958. Jacket and Pants, AND Gloves for the Women seems to be in vogue!!  Stan with hair on the right.   

As it has been for many of you, LONDON seems to be a recurring place of call.  Lois and I first visited London in 1956 on our way to Germany while we (actually I) was serving in Canada’s Air Force, the RCAF.  In reality it was more correctly a STOP, as opposed to a VISIT.  WE spent a couple of nights in South End On Sea, Essex, and then flew independently of each other, to Germany.

Vic and Phil in Paris, July 14th 1958.

The next visit to London was in 1958, see pic at top.  A good friend of mine, Howard Hilliard, had asked me to deliver his car to London because he was returning to Renfrew, ON to get married, and flying back to  London.  I drove to the English Channel via Paris where the 3 of us enjoyed a brief stop.   As fate would have it, our visit was on July 14th, my birthday, but more importantly, July 14th is BASTILLE DAY. A National parade was held with Charles De Gaulle as the Parade Marshall.  Of course, I took it as a tribute to me!!!  lol

Another element of the STORY: While making our way to Vic’s home in London, i.e. driving the auto, I experienced a minor collision, so minor that we did not have the police.  We did however; exchange contact information.  My English friend, Vic, kept calling the other driver “My Lord”.  In the end, “His Lordship” apologized, an apology I accepted as there was no damage to the automobile.

We are now going to fast forward to 1997, 39 years when we made our next trip to London!!

In 1997, 20 years ago this very month, Lois and I began a European Trip.  We will begin by offering just a bit, A VERY LITTLE BIT, about London England.  Chapter 1; 1997 Travels England  If you have memories of London, as no doubt many do, why not put “pen to paper”, and send along to me.

Stan McCormack.  2017 06 05


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