Renfrew’s Champlain Senior Centre offers shuffleboard on Tuesday News Jun 06, 2017 by Stan McCormack Renfrew Mercury

Members of the Champlain Seniors Centre, Renfrew, ON

(Article by yours truly, copied from the Renfrew Mercury.  Respectfully suggest that YOU give some thought to taking a pic of your Club, add an article, and forward to your Newspaper!!  Stan McCormack  2017 06 08)

Members of the Champlain Senior Centre card and shuffleboard players recently gathered for a group photo, shuffleboard is offered at the centre every Tuesday.

Do your part to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary while ensuring your good health. Join the Champlain Seniors to engage in euchre or shuffleboard.

Floor shuffleboard is competitive, healthy, challenging and good fun.

Every Tuesday at 1 p.m. at  the Champlain Senior Centre, 164 Argyle St in Renfrew, you will find shufflers from Renfrew and surrounding area competing on the courts. We invite you to read just a bit about floor shuffleboard to see if you would like to join in the weekly activity. Costs are minimal.

Floor shuffleboard is a game that challenges the mind, more so than the body. The actual physical act of playing the game is relatively easy and gentle. An extremely light touch is required on the cue, which is light in weight. The discs glide down the court with speed and ease. It is a game that anyone can play, from youngsters to seniors.

The strategy of shuffleboard can be compared to curling and lawn bowling. It is not merely a matter of pushing the discs into the scoring area and hoping for a score. Creating hides, clearing the board, snuggling/freezing and scoring your hammer are all very exciting and challenging aspects of the game.

Should you find the weekly activity fully satisfying, so much so that you want more, that too is possible. Each year Renfrew shufflers compete with other shufflers in the county and earn the opportunity to compete in Ontario Senior Games. Renfrew shufflers have a respected reputation in such competition. Why not drop into the Champlain Senior Centre and see for yourself the level of enjoyment taking place. We look forward to welcoming you.

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