Opening Remarks of the 23rd ISA by ISA President Joe Messier. March of 2004.


Joe Messier Speaks: It has been my pleasure to act as your President since the resignation of President Richard Buchanan in July.  With the cancellation of the 2003 International in Halifax, Nova Scotia, much has happened in the World of Shuffleboard.  Our dear friends in Japan lost their beloved leader Yoshio Kosai, and Shuffleboard lost a great promoter of the game.  We have established a new position on tile Board of Directors, that being the position of Historian and Record Keeper, vital to the proper operation of any organization such as ours.    

We have organized tile first International Singles Tournament hopefully the beginning of better things to come, so more people may participate in this great game.  I would like to congratulate both the Men and the ladies of the Canadian teams for their victory in the 2002 Games in Clearwater. Florida.  I would like to thank the cities of Mesa and Apache Junction for having us here this year, and the Arizona Shuffleboard Association for inviting us. It is always nice to come to this great State of Arizona.  These Tournaments do not take place without a lot of hard work by the people who live or vacation here in the winter months. I would like to especially thank the chairwomen of this Tournament, Wilma Corey who has labored countless hours making the arrangements that had to be made. Let us not forget the generosity of the Merchants who made all this possible, especially M&S Trophies of Mesa, Arizona and PolyGlide Inc. of Anaheim California.  Shuffleboard is growing Worldwide because of people like Jim & Sam Allen & John Barnett, who have organized Inaugurals, last year in Denmark 2003 and one to take place in England September 2004. The ISA Thanks you.  Countries where shuffleboard is growing, Brazil has Michael Zellner, Australia has Malcolm Crowder.  Ireland has Dorothy Wagasky, Japan has Daisuke Kitamura to thank. These people are improving the quality of life of these Countries. We in tile USA and Canada have all the past National Leaders of our Organizations to thank for the enjoyment we get in playing this fascinating and unique game.  In Clearwater Florida the ISA and the U.S. National Shuffleboard Association share a two room Hall of Fame Building housing tile History of the ISA and N.S.A. as well as artifacts of all the great players of past years.  A building well worth visiting!!  To our visitors: Enjoy your stay here in Arizona, there is a lot to see and do. Observe the friendly manor Shuffleboard is played between members of different Nations. Bring your experience back home with you and apply it to your everyday life. 

Regards. Joseph H. Messier ISA President.    

Posted by Stan McCormack 2017 06 10.

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