Jerry Schultz Leaves Us; May He Rest In Peace.

This message from Allen Dronsfield, Northern District, who mourns the passing of a Shuffler and Good Friend.

This comes by way of very, very heavy hearts for both Jan and I. I was informed this morning that Jerry Schultz has passed away. I was informed that Jerry had a massive stroke. Jerry and Gert have both been failing for sometime.

Having lived across the street from Jerry and Gert for some 12 years I had formed a very special bond with them. Jerry was instrumental in starting my interest in shuffleboard.
Jerry was a special person to all that he had met, reaching out to help many with their games both at Leesburg and Tavares. He helped in every way with both clubs keeping the courts going as well as the administration end.
Jan had come up with the idea a couple of years ago to have a Jerry Day, thank goodness he was still here to enjoy it. We never know when our time is up so without question or doubt we had Jerry’s Day at the right time.
I was also informed that there will be no memorial for Jerry and that the family wishes to have their privacy at this time.
I don’t have all the updated new members contact info, but then they would not have been lucky enough to have known Jerry.
Through this difficult time I suggest we remember all the great memories we have of Jerry and in those memories we celebrate the life of Jerry Schultz.
Allen Dronsfield.  2017 06 12.
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