Sebastian Runge Is Recovering From a Heart Attack!!

Sebastian in Hospital

Sebastian Expects to be Released on Fri, but until then, share his diet!!!

Readers who are regular followers of Face Book will know that Sebastian Runge suffered a heart attack. The Good News is he had two stents put in and is on the “mend”!

The translation of Sebastian’s comment of Face Book reads: Not completely unexpected, but quite surprising then: There’s one in the morning, goes to the cardiologist shortly afterwards in the ambulance with flashing lights in the hospital at noon and already has two stents in the heart. Okay, I’m still alive! 

I am sure that all Shufflers, World Wide will be thinking of you Sebastian, and will be hoping for a Quick Return to Normalcy!! 

Stan McCormack for Shufflers World Wide.   2017 06 13.

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5 Responses to Sebastian Runge Is Recovering From a Heart Attack!!

  1. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    We wish you a speedy recovery Sebastian.


  2. Michael Zellner says:

    Now my friend the Good Lord gave you a warning. Throw those cigarettes AWAY. Now that you are recovering does this mean I have a better chance at beating you on the court? Maybe the Goid Lord was good to me too! Lol


  3. Earl Ball says:

    Don’t you dare be dying on me! I plan on kicking you around on the courts somewhere in the World one of these days. Good Luck, get well.


  4. Virginia Chandler says:

    The best of health to you soon !


  5. Rebholz says:

    Hope your recovery is swift. Take good care of yourself. Phil & Linda Rebholz


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